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Automated US Sales Tax

We are currently rolling out a consumer model to one of our locations so having to manually add a line for tax is not that cumbersome.  We do plan to roll out to additional areas and removing the human error from any of our locations across the US where taxes are concerned would be a god send.  

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Please integrate an automatic sales tax feature into Hubspot quoting or Hubspot Payments so we can remain complaint with state and local tax regulations.  We have been extremely please with Hubspot's evolving services but the lack of sales tax nexus support is a growing concern that will quickly become a significant factor in our ability to fully leverage Hubspot.  I'm happy to disucss this topic further and discuss ideas on incrimental features you could focus on until a complete solution is ready.


We can't use HubSpot payments because there is no way to automatically calculate state and local taxes.  We use Avalara to handle these calculations in our accounting system, but I don't see any integration currently available between them and HubSpot, and nothing native to HubSpot yet. 


We need this badly, we are blocked from issuing Quotes and receiving payments if we can't have US sales tax automatic calculation in HS somehow. Avalara integration would be fantastic.