Automated Reports for Ads




We'd love to have the ability to add in specific ad performance on a Dashboard for automated reporting. Especially with the ability to select specific campaigns or ad sets to be included on the dashboard. We can add through 'Analyze' section however we cannot select specific Ad through that.


Thank you


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This would be a very helpful feature for our sales and marketing team! One of our business units is ramping up its Google Ads campaigns for 2021, and we'd like to be able to easily set up automated reports to be sent out on a reoccuring basis so that the team is updated with the progress and successes of these campaigns. Ideally, it would be great if this could be automated. I know that right now, our developer is going into HubSpot Ads every Friday and manually pulling this, extracting the data, and then sending it out to the appropriate team members. Any increased efficiences on this process would be very much appreciated!! Thanks 🙂


I love this idea!