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Automate self-hosting theme fonts on CMS Hub [GDPR and performance considerations]


Considering the ruling detailed in the article above, it would be prudent for HubSpot to improve how theme fonts are currently handled in CMS Hub to be both more compliant with GDPR and also deliver a better user experience by self-hosting fonts as opposed to using Google-hosted versions. This would keep the marketer/content editor flexibility of the current tool, but once a font is selected, HubSpot would automatically download the font files, install them in either the file manager or design manager file system, and embed these files in the same areas currently used. This should also reduce the likelihood of flashes of unstyled content (FOUC) that currently occur while the browser is waiting to download the Google-hosted versions of the fonts.


An Adobe fonts integration would also be great using the same workflow, but could easily be a future roadmap item after fixing the current issue.

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Another more user-friendly regulation on the part of HubSpot would be very welcome here. At the very least, this is something to consider in the migration service for EU customers.

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+1 from me 👍


One more vote from my side ! 👍


+1 for me. There are similar posts on this subject in the forum btw. All requesting and stating the same issue. I didn't know the term FOUC. But a similar word comes to mind when I think about GDPR 😀