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Automate Workflow From Playbook Submission

I would like to be able to automate a workflow when a playbook is saved to a contact or a deal. For example, if I use a playbook to help sales walk through a purchase order or lead submission to another department, I would like to be able to automate in internal notification to other team members which displays the answers to the playbook questions, the contact or deal associated with the playbook submission and identify the hubspot user who used and saved the playbook.

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Hi everyone,

thank you all for your feedback! The team has heard you, and this feature is now available to use. 


Can we make the AND to happen please? Currently only logic is  'is any of', but not 'is all of' operator, meaning the trigger can only be set up as any of them, not all of them. It is a crucial step for automation and playbook deployment, thanks


I recieved an email not too long ago stating that you are now able to add the ability to trigger a workflow from a playbook submission. 

Here's what the email entailed:

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 7.47.47 AM.pngScreenshot 2024-05-14 at 7.48.02 AM.pngScreenshot 2024-05-14 at 7.48.15 AM.png


this would be very very helpfull! the playbooks should be structured like the other datasets in Hubspot.