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Automate Workflow From Playbook Submission

I would like to be able to automate a workflow when a playbook is saved to a contact or a deal. For example, if I use a playbook to help sales walk through a purchase order or lead submission to another department, I would like to be able to automate in internal notification to other team members which displays the answers to the playbook questions, the contact or deal associated with the playbook submission and identify the hubspot user who used and saved the playbook.

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Yes! Playbooks could be a super tool if they had a little more functionality. There are lots of submitted ideas that go along with this that could make it a dream for our users! 


Yes!  I am looking for the same playbook functionality.


This would benefit us as well. We have two playbooks right now that need to trigger automations (one for pushing updated contact properties to another system and another for referrals provided by that customer), but not until the user is done going through the playbook. Setting enrollment based on [property] is known for something being updated through playbooks is dangerous, because it autosaves while the user is typing, so I had partially entered data getting passed through at first.


I'd like to see it added as an enrollment option under Activities. Something like "[Playbook name] has been completed." You can kind of do this now if it's set to be logged as a call, but then you run into re-enrollment limitations.


Yes!! We are doing this now, but it's a hack -- definitely not an elegant solution and breaks some fundamental data hygiene best practices. 


We have a managed trial process that we wanted to fire off of a Deal record. We created a playbook and six corresponding "Playbook" fields on the Deal object. The workflow looks for the completion of those six "playbook" fields, waits for 5 minutes (to combat the autosave issue that @cooperelias mentioned above), then fires the workflow. 


It works, but there are some definite shortcomings. Playbooks have the potential to be one of THE killer features in the HubSpot CRM, but are still so young--would love to see it fully baked! 


Agreed! Right now we are using the same workaround as @petejam mentioned - mapping data to fields and then using those fields to trigger workflows.

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The converse is also true, it would be ideal to also allow the update property action within the workflow tool to associate playbooks to deals.  


I could not agree more!


The Playbooks allow for precise inputs via prescripted answers. this would be very helpful as automation triggers. 

Pitty this is still not implemented. 


I totally support that idea! That would be great to be able to share, export playbooks , add them into a workflow or simply email the answers internally.

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I would like to be able to save properties based on answrs in the playbook as well.


Yes please make it possible to enroll to a workflow after submitting a playbook. I cant believe this is not possible. So crippling 


Agree with this! I would also like to be able to automate other objects through a Playbook workflow. For example, have a company workflow created, and trigger tat upon completin, create a deal and input or copy some properties to that deal from the playbook.


Adding support to this improvement - would be very helpful!


Our current workaround is an additional Yes/No property on the playbook - setting to Yes triggers the desired workflow(s). The main drawback is that the person submitting the playbook needs to remember to do this extra step. The reason we don't use petejam's solution is that not every field needs to be filled out on every playbook.


It would also be helpful to allow certain playbook inputs to be required (that feature request is here:

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Totally support this idea. I'd like to trigger a notification to the Finance team once a "Finance approval Playbook" has been completed. Currently we're adding a Note and using the Note to trigger the notification, but it would be a lot more streamlined to use the Salesbook completion as a Workflow trigger directly 😉


Would also probably make sense to have additional Statuses for Playbooks that have been completed, so you could see the 'journey' of a Playbook (such as when it was submitted, then reviewed and edited by another team member. It has some great potential...


I agree, this would be very helpful for our clients!


This is a needed functionality!


A shame that its been 2 years and this function has still not been added. This would be a great addition and would make Playbooks a lot more effective. 


Anyone that replied to this idea that they have a "hack" to do this automation from a Playbook resonse:  @petejam and @slepoidevin :  are you on HubSot Professional or Enterprise?


We have Professional (not Enterprise) and want to be able to automate moving from one deal stage to the next based on if the Playbook questions for that particular deal stage were completed/answered or not.  


Any suggestions on if this could be "hacked" too?  

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We need this too, any updates? Would like to have a workflow create a task anytime a specific playbook is filled out + send an internal email. 


Would love to see this features as well. We want to set a trigger once a playbook is done to create an automated Google doc (With Zapier) which we can share with our prospects. This might be very helpful to to follow up after a demo call. The prospect would recieve a proper document as summary with all important information like, pricing, setup, people involved etc. This would be much more professional than a normal follow up email because you could design a google doc upfront and create another touchpoint with the brand. Furthermore the document could be shared quite easy.


This would be very helpful. We are looking at using a playbook for an internal purpose. Ideally it would send the answers to our marketing team for review when a certain playbook is used.