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Automate Ticket Assignment Rotation

Use Case:

Our support team rotates who handles incoming Conversations and Tickets. In the Conversation inbox, we can automate assignment round robin style to allow multiple agents to work a given inbox while ensuring no Conversations slip through the cracks. We would like a consistent way of working to carry across to Tickets.

We have multiple pipelines, with Tickets created from form submissions via various workflows. Currently, we can only set the workflow to assign a Ticket to no one, the Contact owner or a specific user. We need to spread the workload around by allowing a round robin type of Ticket assignment amongst multiple users (agents).



Enable automatic Ticket assignment rotation from within Workflows, similar to how lead rotation concept works. Ideally, we would be able to assign a weight to each agent in cases where there are primary agents for a certain pipeline and then support people who could help out when the pipeline is very full of Tickets in busy seasons.


Note: I can do this now with the Rotate Contact Owner step and then assign to Contact Owner in the Create Ticket step in the flow, but in many cases we don't want to change the primary owner of the Contact record, only the Ticket assignment.


Reference for Lead Rotation:

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We created a separate ticket workflow to handle the round robin assignment of the ticket without impacting the Contact ownership. What we still would like to see is a smart workflow that:

  • takes into account how many open tickets any given assignee has open (unworked) and balances the assignment load across the team
  • allows weighting so some users could be given a heavier load for certain pipelines
  • out of office syncing so we do not have to update every workflow each time one of our team members is out of office and therefore should be taken out of the assignment rotation
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How were you able to create that workflow? What were your parameters and actions? I am struggling to assign the tickets to users round-robin style.


@CPSCB  We would also love to know how you created that workflow. It will be very useful for us too.
Will be really grateful if you could please share that with us here or DM me @AreebAhmad 

Auto assignment of tickets in a round-robin fashion taking into account the current workload of agents + their out office status is of utmost importance. That is exactly what we are struggling with!


@CPSCB  yes - would be great to know how auto assignment of tickets in a round-robin fashion taking into account the current workload of agents + their out office status was achieved. Thanks


@CPSCB I would also love to know how you set up a workflow to assign tickets round robin style if you're willing to share how you set up that workflow; I've had little success setting up any workflows to try and configure this.




Something that would have been nice, if available  Ref: Freshdesk (





@Jayeshurath That's a great example! RE: FreshDesk's solution.


They seem to have the best solution for this, skill based roud robin is gold 


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@CPSCB I would also love to know how you have created this workflow.  Struggling with the same issue right now.  Any insight would be extremely useful and appreciated.


Honestly it's completely insane to me that this isn't just a basic function of HubSpot. This is a very rudimentary feature of any other support desk. HubSpot needs to make this happen. 

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I think our problem is similar to this. We would like to manually assign a ticket to a team, which would rotate to the next customer service representative "in line". We have a rotation in place for the tickets, but in case the rotation has not gone to the right team, we would like to change it manually. 

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There are a lot of asks in this one ideas forum post, so I'd like to add some details and plans we have for the future.


1. Workflows does allow for the distribution of object assignment via the 'rotate owner' action (KB).

2. The 'rotate owner' action can be used in a workflow based from the object being rotated (i.e., rotating a ticket is done in a ticket-based workflow), which can sometimes be different from the workflow where the object was created (i.e., a contact-based workflow creates a ticket but you can't 'rotate owner' on the created ticket), which I think is the original concern.

3. The 'rotate owner' action rotates objects among the users OR teams in the action via strict round robin, and doesn't take into account the total objects currently assigned to those users through other 'rotate owner' actions or manual assignments. Equally, the user's availability status isn't taken into account which matters for real-time communications.


With the recent addition of user working hours (KB) and a future addition of user out of office, we want to introduce the following capabilities in ticket-based workflows:

  • Allow the selection of users AND teams when assigning tickets via the workflow action
  • Choose how the ticket is rotated between the target users/teams: strict round robin, random, or a new load-based round robin option which takes the user's current # of tickets into account and assigns to the user with the least amount of open tickets
  • Choose to route based on user availablity or not. If routing on user availability, users who are in an away status (this includes the user's working hours and future out of office settings) at time of ticket routing will not be assigned the ticket
  • If no one can be assigned the ticket (ex., all eligible users are away) via the workflow, then the ticket will be assigned to the target teams via the new Assigned Teams property and show up under the 'My Team's Unassigned' view in Help desk, or corresponding Tickets views that include the Assigned Teams property to be picked up manually


We will think about weighted distributions and updating the create ticket assignment options separately.


If anyone would like to talk to us about this feature or ticket routing in general, we'd love to hear from you!