Autocomplete adress form fields with Google maps

Hello there, 


It would be great if we had the option to make form fields autocomplete ; for adresses, using the Google Maps autosuggest could do something like that : 


We have a lot of trouble treating duplicates and typos, which would be resolved if we could count on adresses being a unique match thanks to set values. 


Thanks a lot!

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Good idea !

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Data standardization is mandatory for accurate results - addresses are the worst. Please make this a native integration.

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all for it

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I would start using this functionality today if supported. Currently looking to implement this.

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Hubspot, please add this ASAP. It is absolutely imperative that we are able to have accurate address info. It is currently imposible with the freedom that regular text fields provide. 

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Keller Williams has this on their CRM. 

They don't do programming. 

It can't be hard. 


I consider this function fairly basic. 


(Along with auto-formating phone numbers - which are surprisingly free form in this, otherwise, advanced platform). 


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Yes, please add this integration. It is a standard in SO MANY forms and makes us look unprofessional by not having it in our HubSpot forms.

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I really don't understand why this is not standard in all CRM systems. Quick entry, flawless data and improved duplicate check. Sould be a no brainer to develop.