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Autocalculate margin & gross margin

If Hubspot was able to calcuate gross margin from margin and amount fields it would make the inputting of deals a much more efficient process for our business. It would also make reporting on these figures much simpler, its a basic requirement of any sales director and should be easy for Hubspot to implement. We currently use 2 custom made free-text properties to facilitate our reporting, it just seems a clunky and time consuming way of doing things.

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February 26, 2021 10:48 AM

Hey team - we do offer a margin field/calculation on our Line Item objects (i.e. the products associated with a deal). Does that help?

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100% agree with everyone here. What is the point of using this "deal" if you can't see the margin? Please please fix this or we'd have to move back to Salesforce...


I agree.  "Annual Contract Value Margin" "Monthly Contract Value Margin" and "Total Contract Value Margin" are all viewable under the "Deal line item editor" but not available as a default calculated property under the deal record currently.  Whereas fields like "Annual Recurring Revenue" which is also linked to the line items under the "Deal line item editor" is available as a default calculated property.


The simple request would be to:


  1. Have the Margin values based on deal line items available as a calculated property under a deal.
  2. And the ability to select the relevant Margin property as the default deal amount.

This would simplify our reporting, and reduce a lot of manual deal administration entering this information.


Benefiting HubSpot this will also encourage adoption of the quote* and contract e-signing features already available in HubSpot, allowing customers like us to phase out other systems and have a master version of the truth in HubSpot. Overall leading to a stickier service that is harder to move away from as customers will rely more on HubSpot ecosystem rather than using a 3rd party for this and potentially changing CRM and re-integrating 3rd party system to new CRM.


*Further improvements are also needed to the quote and e-signing to match other competitors like PandaDoc, but the base functionality is there and the latest quotes beta has given the ability for much needed customisation.


A report showing the profit based on the line items per deal would be a perfect addition.

The values are there (and shown within each single deal view), hence please just assembly a nice report around that! Much appreciated.

Are there any specific reasons why HubSpot is trying to sabotage users’
work efficiency? I honestly don’t understand because like you said “The
values are there (and shown within each single deal view”, it shouldn’t be
that difficult to show those values as properties in the deal page. That’s
all we’re asking...--
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Not from what I can see as it doesn't allow you pull it through into trackable metrics - so it still has to be manual.

Sales need to track margin per deal, especially if you have multiple revenue lines or different products.


It would be ideal to create a metric/graph on margin per deal, per month, margin range, margin average and then export margin per deal into a CSV where you could integrate into a larger financial model.


Wow - I'm glad I saw this before I pulled the trigger on a subscription. Reporting on revenue is fine for manufacturers and some other kinds of companies, but most companies need to know gross margins on deals. HubSpot is unusable to us without the ability to run a deals report that includs a gross margin column.

I’m glad you can save some money, time and stress. If I knew this, I’d have
gone straight to salesforce. For management and sales people, this is
pretty much most important value but HubSpot does not see it because their
strength is marketing I guess...--
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This is a really frustrating gap in Hubspots current offering. I absolutely love using the platform on the whole - and is far better than other CRMs with one glaring exception we cannot report on how much money we are actually making. Isn't that point of business!!! you would think a sales CRM that functionality is one of the first things on your list to develop. This issue alone has meant our business is reviewing its long terms CRM platform. As we continue to grow this lack of feature set is not sustainable. 


Please!Please!Please create the ability to run a report on Margin. Given this is already built into products and quotes I cannot understand why this is not simple. 


The reality is that this is no priority to hubspot. This thread started early 2019 and there have been no comments from them. It could very well take 5 years for them to decide to implement it, or maybe never. Such a shame for such a basic necessity for many businesses. Really. Such. A. Shame. 

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It really is a shame. Ive talked to customer services about it, to our onboarding team about it and they all agree and see the issue but the powers that be here clearly want to leave a double door open for the likes of salesforce, pipedrive and the million other options. 


I like Hubspot but its a far step to love atm. 


Add another to the list of people that can't believe that it's shown in the Line items, but has zero ability to be used outside of that.  To have gross margin usable in dashboard reports per deal, per rep, per team, or per customer is rather a make or break for some of the clients we've pitched HubSpot to.


Trying to bump this to the top for @hubspot. This would be incredibly valuable to some of our clients.


Yep, agree with all comments that this is a really crucial function for most sales teams and doesn't seem like it would be too complicated to add seeming as the margin # is already calculated. 


Being able to see the avg gross margin on deals, and comparing them in reports to customer type, source of deal, company properties etc. seems like something Hubspot should definitely be offering! 


I'm surprised after 2 years hubspot has not made any changes or upgrades to their system to allow for this.

Has anyone found a suitable work around?

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@ethankopit This Idea is now by far the most commented thread on ideas page when you'll search for "margin" (also the most commented thread in Hubspot community when searching for "margin"). Original post is turning three years old in couple of weeks and there is still no attemps to even add this idea to review or planning phases. This should be just a quick update as other metrics are already deal properties as well. This with the idea of importing deals with line items (that was recently  updated to "Being Reviewed") would be an awesome combo that would save us time and effort and add immerse amount of value to us and to our clients. 

If this update is not possible, please let us know why. The uncertainty as to why this cannot be done is what is driving people nuts (and also the fact that the feature is missing)


The margin field would be useful if you could generate reports with it. Margin is largely a reporting field and there lack of this function means it is redundant.

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We are trying to get the same thing right now. 


I second (eigthieth?) that this is a significant shortcoming for the software. The starter hub level works fine enough for my team, but the business will never approve increasing our spend with HubSpot until sales gets on board, and they have totally rejected it because this feature isn't present. HubSpot folks, it's well past time!

I made a comment a while back and I actually enjoy reading about other
folks making new comments. It's incredible how HubSpot is trying to upsell
(and the upsell price is easily over 10 times!). Just wanted to drop a line
that I've decided to switch over to Salesforce. It costs double compared to
HubSpot's starter bundle, but that's worth having auto-calculate margin,
product list, easy-to-make quotation....probably worth it. Before I was
using Salesforce but didn't like the UI so I changed to HubSpot for its
better UI. But after all, for the sales and business management aspect,
Salesforce comes more handy and inexpensive if no crazy add-ons are
involved. That's sad but I guess that's what it is. I miss receiving this
email but good luck everyone!

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*shudders at thought of having to use SFDC again* 


Shame that, but I guess if you gotta have it and HS dont seem that botherd about it... you gotta do what you gotta do, no matter how painful it is for the team