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Autocalculate margin & gross margin

If Hubspot was able to calcuate gross margin from margin and amount fields it would make the inputting of deals a much more efficient process for our business. It would also make reporting on these figures much simpler, its a basic requirement of any sales director and should be easy for Hubspot to implement. We currently use 2 custom made free-text properties to facilitate our reporting, it just seems a clunky and time consuming way of doing things.

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February 26, 2021 10:48 AM

Hey team - we do offer a margin field/calculation on our Line Item objects (i.e. the products associated with a deal). Does that help?

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Definitely needed. We really need to create reports based on not only revenue, but also margin (the most important number!)


Agree- this is critical for our business. As one other commenter put it- without being able to tally Gross Margin against revenue, the reporting is useless and we run the risk of being in business for nothing.


I don't understand why margin is shown at the line item level, but not at a deal property level.


@ethankopit Ideally there needs to be deal property(s) that reflect the total margin of the deal . All the stakeholders I have are begging for margin reports but also things like workflows that send notifcations for big deals over £X margin. They want to see margin on the pipeline view.

At the moment our sales team are calculating the sales gross monthly margin and adding it to the deal names so they can see at a glance on the pipeline how much a deal is worth, they get comission on margin not on overall value.


Literally nobody in my company cares about overall deal value, it's all about the margin.


Hope that helps 🙂