Autocalculate margin & gross margin

If Hubspot was able to calcuate gross margin from margin and amount fields it would make the inputting of deals a much more efficient process for our business. It would also make reporting on these figures much simpler, its a basic requirement of any sales director and should be easy for Hubspot to implement. We currently use 2 custom made free-text properties to facilitate our reporting, it just seems a clunky and time consuming way of doing things.

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Completely agree.


How did you do the custom made free-text properties? 


I'm just trying to set deals up with variable changable margins and am struggling a bit.


Thanks in advance



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I totally agree. The amount itself doesn't mean much & involves manual treatment for us. We really need to know the overall margin rate per deal.

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Absolutely. It is really important to have the margin (Sales price- buy price) field in reporting for companies, who are working as a dealers or partners of another vendor. Else, it doesn't serve the purpose of tracking sales through hubspot.