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Auto-populate "Customize your envelope" Modal from Contact or Deal Record

Participants in the HubSpot-built app for DocuSign beta can now auto-populate the "customize your envelope" model with a recipient name and email from deal or contact records.


When sending an envelope from a contact or deal record, the name and email of the recipients that you wish to add to this envelope will be auto-populated, saving you time.


For deal records, multiple contacts can be auto-populated to the envelope.

This update is now available for participants of the DocuSign beta. Contact your CSM to learn more.


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Hey Joe! Nice to know about that 🙂

Would be great if we could use HS custom properties to fill fields in DocuSign. Right now my company is trying to develop a custom integration because my Sales team needs to fill a lot of fields manually.




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Hey team, commenting on the thread on behalf of a customer as it'll also be great for use-case to populate HubSpot custom properties onto fields in Docusign! 😊


if company and contact have been added to a deal - those field should be pre-populated in docusign when you choose to send a document/enveloppe from docusign via the integration - at this point of time it will only prepopulate field built in deal - which are not Ideal meaning we have to create worflow to duplicate information already in the system - which are also linked when it comes to activities,.... but notlink for the integration -