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Auto populate city state based on postal code

Currently, HubSpot form does not support auto populate city or state based on postal code or zip. 


It would be great if we could have that feature for HubSpot form. 

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Is this still not a function in HubSpot? 


I am a long-time Hubspot user and am shocked that this feature is still not available. As a person who fills out forms on the internet (like all of us) I have always found it annoying/silly that I have to input all of City, State, and Zip, when the zip code and country should tell the form the remaining relevant information. In many forms this is the case, but for some reason, not Hubspot. 


I currently have a very detailed, convoluted, and hard to edit workflow created to assign sales reps based on postal codes for their territories. With this, if we ever change the territories, I will have to recreate the spreadsheet and workflow manually. The original project took days due to finding postal codes, adjusting territories, assigning each postal code to a sales rep, and having to manually paste each group into a workflow (in case you need to do this, values must be separated by ";" not ","). 

PLEASE add this feature. It is a necessary part of assigning and making forms shorter for potential leads. Hubspot seems to rely strongly on round-robin lead assignment and that just isn't how most companies (especially small businesses) assign leads.