Auto-populate Contact Country based on IP details

There needs to be an option for the "Contact.Country_IP" to update the "Contact.Country" field.


Unfortunately, it can't be done with a Workflow, because you can't update a List Field / Dropdown (Contact.Country) from a Text Field (Contact.Country_IP).


Why this request?

Inbound Marketers, including HubSpot, tout / stress / preach that more fields on a form = lower conversions; but then HubSpot makes us put Country on the form, even though a geo-lookup is done for County_IP.


I can't imagine that we are the only HubSpot Customer that needs to route new leads, and eventually report on leads "by Country".  Let's get this one sorted soon please.

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My "Year 2 Check-In" on this one.   Bueller?

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+1. This is definitely a needed feature for a few of our clients.


I'm surprised HubSpot hasn't implemented anything yet, especially at the Enterprise level.