Auto-populate Contact Country based on Country Code dropdown for phone number

We want to keep our forms limited to the most important questions to increase submission. We use the country code dropdown for phone numbers to have a common phone number format. The phone number is a required field.

However, it's not possible to segment contacts by country code nor is it possible to have the contact country property auto-populated using the selected country code.


Having the country code dropdown in the form and still asking for the country seems a bit odd.


(Using the IP-country is not feasible in some cases and using the existing data from the phone number seems to be a no brainer)



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Hi, Did you find an answer to this?

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No, not yet.

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I found this page on the developers community and eventhough it's not exactky the same issue I am wondering if using backend code solution can work here as well. So basically they are using the "country" or "city" to auto update the phone code, and if that is possiable maybe it's also possiable to detect phone country code and auto update the country property. Any thoughts?

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Something like that might work, but I am no developer to design the code.