Auto-generated ID's (Deal IDs, Deal numbers, Project numbers, Job numbers, Reference numbers, etc.)


Are you interested in creating a custom field for deals that could auto-generate a unique ID? Sometimes they are called project numbers, project IDs, job numbers, job IDs, reference numbers, reference IDs etc. Some companies use an alphanumeric number and some just use a numeric value.


To the best of my knowlege Hubspot doesn't currently have a custom field that can be configured to auto-generate a value. Previously they have recommended using the deal ID in the URL string but this 8-digit number is not searcheable and also hard to remember as other users have pointed out. 


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Found a workaround? 

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I too think this is a needed function as most CRMs allow for client ID naming conventions so we know that Smith Electric in Texas is different from Smith Electric in Florida w/o looking at the contact/company account to find the location.

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 Yes, it would be fine if an autogenerated ID could be created for each form submission too! This would help a lot when forms are used in events.






There is already a Deal ID generated in the URL for each Deal (the 9 digits that follow /deal/ are unique to each deal, so it should be possible to translate this as a field in the platform as well. Future iterations could include a unique ID for every accout, followed by consecutive numbers for new deals.


I would very much like this option, for a different reason. As part of our cancellation process, we have clients fill out a form and send them a confirmation number. Right now, we are using Google Forms and an app that auto-sends replys and populates a number based on their form submission number. But it doesn't look pretty. What I would like, is to be able to do this through HubSpot or a related integration. I want them to complete a form and receive an automatic email with a confirmation number inside that is generated based off of their ID. 


I am interested in this feature, but from a company and contact perspective. When integrating multiple softwares which all require this informaiton, syning with a simple string is much easier than by long name/description


I have a client that uses case IDs that his is a major need for. 


This would be so useful as we are required to generate membership numbers for our doctors.  Being able to create a unique number and the being able to use this with other integration will help to streamline so many things as some of the professional we have do not use a unique email address ie they are managed byt the clinics admin.


Agreed that there should be a way to create custom properties that auto-generate a random number (Deals, Contact, and Company properties) 


I would like to use an auto-generated property in a form, this would thus have to be a Contact Property ... though in cases where a contact submits the form multiple times, this property could be overwritten ... I guess that's where the Deal ID comes in?? I'm just not familiar with the relationship of forms to Deals. From what I know, only Contact Properties can be included in forms.


The issue with our environment is that there are unique numbers from 2 different systems and we would have to manually update information in those sales systems if we wanted to use the HubSpot ID. As in most businesses, sales is not willing to take on the heavy lifting so marketing is trying to make this work.

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is there any update on this? looks like this thread was started 3 years ago, assumed there would be something available by now? maybe a developer has created something?


We would find it very useful to have this feature as well