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Auto-fill LinkedIn Contact Information

With many users of HubSpot importing vast lists of contacts into the CRM, a feature to automatically fill properties such as "Job Title" from LinkedIn would prove beneficial.

The current integration with LinkedIn sales navigator allows for an embedded profile to be viewed in the contacts within Hubspot, but I've been told by one of your support team that It doesn't have the ability to automatically sync and fill in these fields. Hopefully, this existing integration with LinkedIn sales navigator wouldn't make this proposition too difficult.

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I am trying to figure out how to turn on the "copy message to CRM" box in LinkedIn messages.


For us, not only would job title be helpful, but # of employees on the company level. We're trying to Tier Compaies, and if the Linkedin connecion could autopopulate that field, we could also automate Tiering.


I am reaching out as I have a stupid but probably simple problem.

We have a hubspot form which we have created for our  website. There we have a "Request Invite" Button and we would like to add the functionality that user can use their LinkedIn profile to populate the hubspot form.

In other words could you help with exploring and implementing the following: A registration form that gives the option to signup with l
inkedin details and as a result of this sign up we would like also to gather the persons LinkedIn Details in Hubspot. 

Is this doable? If yes can you help us point to see where this can be found as a tutorial or you guide us through the process? 

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Same here. Tried implementing the feature, but its not working.