Auto email Countersigners for Quotes


When an internal countersigner is added to a quote, send them an automated email notifying them that there is a quote that needs to be signed with a link to the quote.


Currently, the person creating the quote has to remember to also email any internal countersigners which can cause delays and missed signatures.



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This is an excellent idea and a need for the Quotes tool.   


Use Case:   The Sales rep sends the quote but the Sales Manager is the countersigner.  The rep gets notification that the qote has been signed but it becomes a manual process outside of HubSpot to alert the Sales Manager, adding lag time to the process and potential for accidental human error.


A big surpirse to me that this functionality doesn't exist if you have coutersign capability built into the platform. 


It also should be sequenced so the client signs first, and then the Sales manager, etc. 


This would greatly improve our internal communications.

Please add this feature.



Countersigning experience could definitely stand to be improved!

  • Email and HubSpot notifications
  • List of pending signatures for countersigners
  • Do not require verification email when countersigning user opens the quote in HubSpot

Pandadocs has been our go-to for this. This should have been built into quotes from the beginning? The problem I found with quotes is the number of signatures it takes and the limits put on users. We go through about 100 a month. So, we won't be using this quotes feature as it takes one signature from our sales agent who creates the quote and one from the admin who countersigns it. Very disappointing. 


We're just starting to use more quotes and I was searching my spam email etc to see why people were having to message me to remind about requiring a counter-signature.


So, yes, defintely one I vote for and was a little surprised it wasn't already there to be honest!


Update: we managed to figure out a work-around for this using workflows (though I think Sales Enterprise is needed for Quote-based workflows). This is only applicable for quotes with 2 signers, the customer and our countersigner.


Trigger is based on some hidden esign-related fields:

ESign completed signatures = 1 AND ESign number of signers required = 2


Action is just an email notification to either a designated user, the quote owner, or the quote approver. Notification automatically includes a link to the quote, we added some tokens for extra context.



So HUBSPOT, can we add dmcal's info but make it for multiple signers.  This would improve the quote experience and make it more useful.  Also can we also establish the ability to have multiple approvers or have a way to send soem quotes to some managers.  Some companies have one approver, but some have multiple approvers.  This seems like it was built for a small business.


For our Quotes it is mandatory to have an internal countersignature.

But sometimes our salesstaff forgets...


It would be really great to be able to edit Quote settings - and with that, make it mandatory to choose countersignature (or choose the countersigner in the settings.)

HubSpot Employee


Commenting for a customer here!

Believe this is a necessity for quotes > would love to see this included in our standard functionality