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Auto-detect 'away' feature for chat

The messages feature is tough to manage in a busy office. I'm the only key contact for online chat. And I have various other duties.


I'm often 'popping up' from my computer and forgetting to turn off chat. This is causing constant frustration to those seeking quick answers.


I know that other like propgams have an 'auto-away' type feature that detects when your computer is dormant for 2 - 3 minutes. If so it will automatically indicate that you are away and defaults to an email response. Of course it would be great for the feature to detect when you are back 'in-use' and switch back to live chat.


This would be a great feature to add.

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June 26, 2020 07:24 AM

Hi all- 


I have added you all above to my list for today or reached out to you directly for more information.


Just to clarify this beta will provide insight into your chat team’s availability status and adds the ability for Admins and Super Admins to control the individual user’s chat status to available and away. We will be looking into additional availability controls later this year and into next year so keep an eye out for this feature to continue to evolve. 


If anyone else is interested in the Team Management beta, here is the form to fill out. 


June 25, 2020 03:20 PM

@EJD we actually have that in beta now. I just added you to my list for tomorrow and will get this added to your portal. I will follow up with an email when the details. Thanks!


Not Currently Planned
May 20, 2020 11:36 AM

Hi everyone,


I’m Vijay, the Product Manager for HubSpot’s Conversations Inbox tool. Thank you for taking the time to submit and upvote this idea. At this time there are no plans to work on this Idea as we are focused on building out the core functionality for Inbox and have priortized other chat related feature request.  This is not to say that this idea will never be developed, just that there are no plans to do so at this time.


Thank you for your patience and understanding. 



Vijay Vadlamani

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I'd second this idea, I think it's really necessary. Either that it auto-reverts to the Offline message, or if there is no engagement with the user from our end (e.g. if I'm away from PC answering a staff question) it sends an automated answer within X minutes, so that the end user doesn't feel ignored. 


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In some cases, an agent may forget to toggle on the "Away Status" before closing the browser and leaving work.


Because of this, it will be good to have a functionality that automatically toggles the "Away" status on after a period of time if:

  • Agent does not reply to a chat after X amount of time.
  • Agent not in HubSpot inbox page after X amount of time.



This is very, very useful. My team works on a different timezone than most of our customers and they like to sleep once in a while, so having something that automatically deals with the situation when no one responds for a few minutes would be hugely helpful. 

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yes please! I think they are already working on this feature as the chat seems to be setting my end to 'away' randomly, which is quite annoying!

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It would be great if the system would automatically set the chat rep as away after a certain amount of inactivity (like 15min). This would help for someone who forgets to go away and leaves their desk to ensure they don't get a chat. 

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I totally agree. We are a small organization and only have one individual managing the chat however he has many other duties that he attends to. He is getting pulled away from his computer periodically through the day and forgets to turn off his availability. Due to this chats are lingering out in the black hole of chat and it's creating a bad customer experience. 


This feature is also sorely needed if you are using a chatbot on your website and would like to automatically direct visitors to a sales rep that is available. Or alternatively, provide a message that everybody is away at the moment.


I agree on this.


This idea has been submitted almost 1 year ago. Any news? We need this!


UP! We need this as well!

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 Agreed. We've had a few clients ask about this feature. An auto-timeout when the agent it routes to doesn't reply within X minutes would solve. Alternatively, it could set agents to away as Casper suggests. 

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I would also like to see this feature!


This is definitely a vital tool, whether done at the user level or chatflow level.


Wondering if anyone has any workarounds in the handoff messaging that have been at least helpful in managing the site visitor experience.

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Yes, this is a must. It is especially frustrating when a sales rep from your team forgets to turn it off when they go home, then your chat appears outside of office hours all night! Please fix!

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It would also help if an Admin was able to turn off other peoples availability. That way if a sales rep leaves and forgets to turn it off, the manager can review it and turn it off for everyone so it won't appear over night. 


This feature would be great and help us better manage visitors' expectation. It's difficult for our sales team to remember to turn themselves away (both on desktop and mobile) and it results in some frustrated visitors, leads or clients. We're using the chatbot auto-assignment feature, not the regular live chat. 


If the chat bot could automatically recognise that the screen has been locked and then automatically sets to Away that would be the ideal scenario for me.

I am constantly up and away from my desk which means, to comply with our office GDPR regulations, I need to lock my screen regardless of how long I am away from my desk, so having to remember to switch my status to Away is really quite tiresome!


Also, another way to detect someone as being away is if they receive a chat (sound played, etc.) and they don't do anything with it within 3 minutes, you assume they are busy or away and you set their status to away as a result. This way at least you don't have 5 people in a row getting no response because after the first site visitor is not replied to, their status goes to away.


I am wondering why Hubspot have not implemented this as of yet. No one can be expected to remember to log out every day.


Adding our voice to the request. This should be standard functionality for a live customer support tool.