Auto-detect 'away' feature for chat

The messages feature is tough to manage in a busy office. I'm the only key contact for online chat. And I have various other duties.


I'm often 'popping up' from my computer and forgetting to turn off chat. This is causing constant frustration to those seeking quick answers.


I know that other like propgams have an 'auto-away' type feature that detects when your computer is dormant for 2 - 3 minutes. If so it will automatically indicate that you are away and defaults to an email response. Of course it would be great for the feature to detect when you are back 'in-use' and switch back to live chat.


This would be a great feature to add.

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This is a must please.

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Do you show as away during booked meetings? That should be added too if it's not already part of the functionality. Since HubSpot books the meetings it should know you can't answer messages during those times.

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Even if it only shows away when the pc is locked (which can be set to happen automatically) that would be great.

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This really isn't rocket science. Windows Messenger and even mIRC both had a setting to mark yourself as away automatically after being idle for X minutes... That was a reality in the 90s.


Give us a setting so that chat agents are marked away after not touching their computer for a selectable amount of minutes, or if they lock their computer, and to become available again when they wake the computer up or just return to Hubspot.

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Yikes... This feature was requested in 2017.. I'm not going to hold my breath.

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yes, and auto time out would be great. would be good if it prompted you first, of course. maybe even by mobile notification, so you could see it if you got up from your desk but still wanted to be available by mobile. also, an admin needs to be able to set other team members to away, in the event that they forget

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Yes more functionality around the away mode would really help.


If the chat mode could you use the device's activity mode such as an instant messaging app would...

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This (and the automatically rotate after X minutes of inactivity) feature are absolutely critical to a client who's looking to switch over from Drift (which has this functionality and a lot more by the way). Any update on the status? 


Also looking for an update on this! Could really use it.



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Agreed! It is so easy to forget to go offline and I'm worried it's giving the end user a bad experience. It would be awesome to have member-by-member availablity!