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Auto create ticket for chat conversations

Our organization utilizes the auto create ticket for new email messages to help manage trends and reporting. While there are some canned reports for live chats, it is difficult to gleam WHY clients are chatting. To help rectify that, for now I have a ticket opened/closed per chat conversation. 


I would love to see a setting that would allow the Service Hub to auto create a ticket per chat conversation. I can then utilize custom fields for my reporting needs and ensure 100% of our chats are logged via tickets. Inbox_Rules.png

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Ditto 100%! I would also love the functionality of creating a ticket when a chat goes unasnwered, since our company doesn't offer 24/7 chat support, there are times where our customers chat us over the weekend or outside of our business hours. We have been creating tickets manually the next day, which makes it easy for some of our customers inquiries to slip through the cracks. Would love to see an automated chat-to-ticket feature and especially an unsanswered-chat-to-ticket feature.