Auto create ticket for chat conversations


Our organization utilizes the auto create ticket for new email messages to help manage trends and reporting. While there are some canned reports for live chats, it is difficult to gleam WHY clients are chatting. To help rectify that, for now I have a ticket opened/closed per chat conversation. 


I would love to see a setting that would allow the Service Hub to auto create a ticket per chat conversation. I can then utilize custom fields for my reporting needs and ensure 100% of our chats are logged via tickets. Inbox_Rules.png

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Ditto 100%! I would also love the functionality of creating a ticket when a chat goes unasnwered, since our company doesn't offer 24/7 chat support, there are times where our customers chat us over the weekend or outside of our business hours. We have been creating tickets manually the next day, which makes it easy for some of our customers inquiries to slip through the cracks. Would love to see an automated chat-to-ticket feature and especially an unsanswered-chat-to-ticket feature.

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Agree, I can create a ticket via a workflow from all chat messages, but would like the ability to only issue a ticket to those chat messages received when all agents are away (when there isn't anyone to take the chat actually live). 


I also need this request and would like to see all my chat data and chat reason codes alongside my other channel reporting.


Some additional options that would be helpful from our perspective:

1. All agents are away

2. A conversation takes a certain amount of time

3. All conversations generate tickets

4. Contact owner is away (or any custom property assigned to a user)


Also looking for this feature to be activated!





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That would help me a lot!

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We are currently reviewing this and will provide an update in a few months as we dig into this usecase. Thanks!


Is this already available? It would help me a lot!


Extremely necessary - I'd make an effort to set this up ASAP !!!




+1, as we look to using the new service analytics we want to expand to include chat as well. However, we need to be able to track what are the topics/issues that are coming through.


This is critical and would be a huge time saver for the team. Let's get this implemented!


Hoping HS is taking a look at this one. Any time a client interacts with us, that activity should be logged so that we can track time. Therefore, a chat should automatically be logged as a Ticket under the Company and linked to the Contact that chatted in. I have added a custom property to log "Time Spent," in whole numbers, which converts to hours. If you spend 15 minutes, you put in .25. One whole hour is 1. At the end of them month, I can report on how much total time I spent supporting clients via chat, and as my team grows, I can use this number to calculate utilization. The only way this is fool-proof is if all chats are logged as tickets, and in order to close the ticket, you are required to put in the time. I did this when I used Salesforce with great success, and it helped me make the case for more headcount when my team needed another resource. 


In short, no interaction with a client should go un-logged, and making us manually create tickets every time is a huge time-suck. This is a major point of failure if you are looking to track time spent, who spent time, on what, or with whom you spent your time. 

Also would love the ability to categorize the chat right off the bat (bug, feature request, how-to, etc)