Auto assigning tickets on the first reply

Auto assigning tickets on the first reply


A good feature would be to have tickets auto-assign itself to the first person(Support Agent) to reply to the email in that ticket and a widget on the ticket that shows who's looking at it in real time would be very helpful!


My team works on an open inbox system and we grab tickets as they come in on a first come/first serve basis. By allowing to a ticket to auto assign to the person who replies to it, there's less human error. Also, if someone is looking at a ticket, people will know and both people won't reply at the same time. 

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Yes, agreed. We have just migrated from Zendesk which already has this feature and we're missing it sorely in HubSpot Service Hub.

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Hubspot would do well to simply release their own service desk interface as a front-end to the HubSpot ticketing.  ZenDesk is soooo superior and HubSpot has such a long way to go that at least this would help.

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Yes, this would be very helpful since there is also no agent collision. 

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+1 to this. I understand that we can use Workflows to round-robin tickets but there are certain scenarios where tickets will be answered on a first come first serve basis. It would cut down a lot of time and confusion if we have this feature.

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+1 to this as well. We also use a shared inbox and having to manually add the ticket owner is a extra step that is not needed 

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I agree. Anything that helps cut down on additional steps is very helpful.