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It would be great to have the capability to auto-save notes.  I have lost some intel due to glitches in not being to save the note. Latest example was a note I took in a tab that sat for two days.  When I went back to that tab I realized the note was still up so I tried to save it but couldn't and the only option was to x-out.  I failed to copy the text so it is now gone forever.


Another idea would be the capability to collaborate with your team in real time.  Similar to Google Docs.  A guy can dream.

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+ 1 to this idea. I can't tell you how many times I've clicked the x on a note, thinking it was autosaved like every other program that I use, and then the note is gooooone. 

Please autosave notes every couple of minutes of working on them! Look^^^ even while typing this note, it has the ability to autosave. *cries* 


I agree with the above.... it would be fantastic to have the capability to auto-save notes every couple of minutes.  When you are writing or adding to a note and then have to jump into another contact record and forget to scroll down to click on save, it's very fustrating when you loose the additional info or whole note is lost.  Please consider adding this function to HubSpot!


It would also be great to auto-save properties when you're filling them out instead of having to hit "save" in the bottom. We use them for sales demos and if a rep loses internet or accidentally refreshes, they lose their work.


After forgetting to save a Note within a contact, I then had to recreate the note, causing rework and extra time. Virtually all notes apps (Evernote), document tools (Word, Google, Pages) and other apps have the auto-save feature. Auto-save needs to be applied to Contacts, Companies, Deals, anything that manually gets updated in HubSpot, instead of the extra clicks of hitting Save and the wasted time needed to do the rework once one forgets to click Save.


+1 This would be an enormous value add. INow having had something similar happen to me, I can't trust entering my notes directly into HubSpot. Using other apps is inefficient and redundant. Ideally, this could all happen on HubSpot. Do any of the paid tiers offer this feature?


I have repeatedly lost info in notes for various reasons - an errant swipe of the mouse, accidental closing of the browser, etc. 




HubSpot engineering, please get your s#@! together, this is standard stuff. I feel like I'm back in the late 90's in MS Word, having to remember to save my work manually every 10min in the event of a sudden app freeze or system crash. 


Oh - and look! You even have this on your feature request posts! WHY NOT ON YOUR CUSTOMER FACING APP??!!


Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 11.15.55 PM.png


How is this not a feature yet?  Come on - please?!

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I've queued up some snippets to use for note-taking on discovery and sales calls, and really like that workflow.  But the lack of auto-save (and the fairly short timeout period) is kind of a deal breaker.  I'm trying to move more and more of my workflow into Hubspot, but notes feel like they're not ready for prime time, and I'm going to have to go back out of the platform and use One Note or Word or whatever.


Please make this a priority.


We have lost precious information due a a page reloading more times than we would like. 

We have so many programs running in the background, that sometimes we need to leave the note and come back, by then the page has reloaded and the information is nowhere to be found. 😢


For a CRM, you know/understand how important information is.