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Auto-Save New Sales Email Templates

When creating a new Sales Email template from scratch, the only way to save the information is to click 'Save Template' at the bottom of the form. 
Because of this, any progress that is made in creating the template where the 'save template' button is not selected afterward, is lost! 

Most other Hubspot features have an Auto-Save option to prevent any work to be lost. As an example, I just wrote a fairly long Sales Email Template and was trying to insert an image at the end of the email. Since the upload image button was not working, I decided to refresh the page. However, upon the refresh, I was sadly met with the realization that all my work had vanished in the ether 😥

We have all been there before at some point in our lives where many minutes or hours of work are forever lost due to not manually saving the work or having your computer freeze or crash. 

The proposition would be to apply the auto-save feature to the Sales Templates when doing an edit.