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Auto Rotate, ability to mark user as on vacation or sick to remove/skip them in workflow

We have a pretty big sales team and we require them to respond to leads quickly to them being received. If a lead sits without a response for more than 15 minutes we are not doing our work the way we would like. We use a handful of workflows to distribute leads evenly through an auto-rotation.


Right now if someone goes on vacation I have to edit each workflow to remove them that day and then put them back in when they return. 


The issue is that this then disrupts the workflow and it assigns back to back leads to the same person or generally doesn't work correctly. If I had some other way to mark a particular user someone as not taking leads that day so that it would skip them or mean I didn't have to edit each workflow automatically this would greatly help both my time spent and the issues my removing them and putting them back in creates. 

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Great(?) stuff. Thanks for expanding and sharing. I think this is the type of in-depth examples Hubspot needs to see. I'd think an admin would also need the ability to turn someone Active/Inactive if the user forgets to set it themselves? 


It would also be beneficial if an admin could also automatically assign the tickets or conversations from an absent team member. For example, if a team member is sick, I have to manually change the owner of all of his conversations to other team members. 


@LKohnert Our team has been working on a new platform that gives HubSpot users/managers better ability to control contact/company/deal/ticket assignment:




Integrates with HubSpot in 30 seconds, and gives you all the tools to control HS lead flow.  We are currently in a closed beta and taking on new users. Let me know if you're interested!


It's been +5 years since this request was submitted. How is it possible that this is still "Not Currently Planned"?!


It puzzles me that HubSpot, known for its automation tools, allows this level of manual work...


We need this as well. We have two options - either we manually reassign tickets or we manually remove users from all ticket assignment workflows... 


This would be amazing, please do this 


Much needed !


Basic stuff really - either the person is "online" (away/live/whatever) or not...  Really should be a part of any basic Sales room package


It does seem somewhat farcical that this isn't in place.
How can the system run automated if you can't set in parameters around the people, working hours or times of unavailability without there being manual intervention.
Needs a full review - as we were essentially sold the service hub package on that basis so our CS team can be assigned tickets automatically



Staff should definitely have some availability management. Maybe a tie in to the meeting scheduler? if there was a tick box 'remove me from allocations when i am not available on this calendar'. I don't know if meeting schedules allow you to block out days, but we would be happy if it include 365 integration and excluded days marked as non working days. 


We have also often sought the ability to have weighted distributions. But I understand how the current rotation system works, it is simple but does not fit well with weighted distribution. I would like to think that we can maybe rotate between teams, and be member of multiple teams too. i.e. the rotation goes between team a and team b - at this point, it is 50/50 between teams. The rotator needs to remember that the allocation was to team a or b etc. then within team a, there can be 2 people who rotate as per normal but team b can be 3 people. Using this method, I would be able to have person a, b in Team a, then person a, b, c in team b. person c would in theory recieve 20% share, and person a and B would receive 40% each. 


Great idea! Must have


That would be great to have it!

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this would be really helpful!


I'm completely agree with this topic. Actually on my company, if someone is on vacation, he/she has to talk with her/him collegue, and he/she has to see their collegue's tasks everyday. That's awful. Could be nice if you could have two options, 

- Someone is fired from the team. So change all the workflows where he appears to this other user. 

- Someone is on vacation. This user is temporaly unvialable, so, please reassign her tasks to this other user. 

Would be nice if we has it. 


I too am looking for this functionality. The app marketplace has lackluster solutions as well. Would be great if HubSpot could provide even a cursorary work around! 

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I'm absolutely shocked that this is still not a thing! Also why do we not have a global holidays setting that we can set instead of having to add holidays to every single workflow. Beyond frustrating.

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I created a logic that uses a Google spreadsheet and Operations Hub to achieve this.


Long story short you manage your OOO users in a spreadsheet like this : 



And each time you have a ticket / deal... assigned to someone, a WorkFlow looks in this sheet to see if that person is OOO. 

If so it looks for a backup individual. 
If no then it finds someone ( randomized) in the team you set as "backup team" 

If you want to implement this follow my guide / tutorial on this article:



Thanks a lot for your message. Actually im not using tickets, im using tasks, so i think this sollution it's not able to use in my hubspot.
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@SIvars Instead of tickets 

Put tasks in the third block : 

Watch the video  :


 * Edit your Secret Name here  
const SECRET_NAME = "privateAppToken"

const OBJECTS_TYPE = "tasks"



this is absolutely neccesary, so we can maintain our automations based on teams, but exclude users from based on their status.


We see the issue with some of our users being part time workers and not available for round robin assignment(as their work hours are not consistent or regular), so we are forced to add individual users to all workflows instead of having team automation run consistently and excluding the users based on their status)


It would add great value if this could integrate with google calendar or our HR application(api even) for sick leaves, holidays, full time vs part time, etc.