Auto Rotate, ability to mark user as on vacation or sick to remove/skip them in workflow


We have a pretty big sales team and we require them to respond to leads quickly to them being received. If a lead sits without a response for more than 15 minutes we are not doing our work the way we would like. We use a handful of workflows to distribute leads evenly through an auto-rotation.


Right now if someone goes on vacation I have to edit each workflow to remove them that day and then put them back in when they return. 


The issue is that this then disrupts the workflow and it assigns back to back leads to the same person or generally doesn't work correctly. If I had some other way to mark a particular user someone as not taking leads that day so that it would skip them or mean I didn't have to edit each workflow automatically this would greatly help both my time spent and the issues my removing them and putting them back in creates. 

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This would be really great for the Service Hub for assigning tickets as well.


I have a team using Hubspot Service Tickets, where the team members are spread across 10 different countries, and the various work shifts provide around 22 hours a day of coverage 7 days a week...


We want to use Hubspot's automatic ticket-owner assignments (round-robin ticket-owner rotation) but need the reps to only be assigned tickets during the days/hours that they're working.


Assigning tickets to reps that aren't on shift isn't helpful for the staff or customers, and leads to delays in response times.


While having a manager constantly update assignment workflows every day for every shift change undermines most of the advantages of having automation in the first place.


Even if ignoring the complications of absensces from vacations and sick days, it seems like there needs to be either a general shift/availability/work-schedule or "currently online" layer available for the ticket-assignment automation -- or at least workflow options that are based on Days of the Week and Time. e.g., "If Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday between 9 am-5 pm EDT, rotate ticket assignments among reps X, Y, and Z. But if Thursday, Friday, or Saturday between 5 pm-1 a.m. EDT, rorate assignments among reps A, B, and C."


Some basic logic like that could be useful across multiple hubs (it'd be useful for assigning tickets, contacts, conversations, or deals). 


Yes this would be useful, we use Timetastic to plan holidays which is connected to outlook, for this I would suggest that each user profile has an "away" tab that can be manually selected with a from and to date. then from workflows, you could select user is not "away" to exclude them from any of those workflows. In future it would be nice if this could be tied in with outlook, i.e. when a user selects "all day" in outlook, it is picked up by HS and automatically selects "away" for that user profile. 


Yes, this is really needed for both Sales and also for Service Hub for Ticket auto-assignment. 

This is basic functionality offered in other Support Ticketing platforms e.g. Zoho Desk, where it marks an 'Agent' as offline if they are idle for XYZ time or if they are marked as 'Away', the ticket assignment stops for that Agent. 


Managing team members on holidays or suddenly away is very time-consuming in HubSpot, especially when multiple email inboxes are used by multiple teams. It also creates risk in not adding or removing an Agent/User from the workflow at exactly the right times, therefore Tickets then need to be manually reassigned. It's painful!


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