Auto Rotate, ability to mark user as on vacation or sick to remove/skip them in workflow

We have a pretty big sales team and we require them to respond to leads quickly to them being received. If a lead sits without a response for more than 15 minutes we are not doing our work the way we would like. We use a handful of workflows to distribute leads evenly through an auto-rotation.


Right now if someone goes on vacation I have to edit each workflow to remove them that day and then put them back in when they return. 


The issue is that this then disrupts the workflow and it assigns back to back leads to the same person or generally doesn't work correctly. If I had some other way to mark a particular user someone as not taking leads that day so that it would skip them or mean I didn't have to edit each workflow automatically this would greatly help both my time spent and the issues my removing them and putting them back in creates. 

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Thanks @jtremblay for reviewing this!  


I work with a lot of different HubSpot accounts as a consultant on best practices, training, and implementations.  What I've had them do is remove that person from the rotation, then give themselves a task to add them back in based on when they'll return.  

From a product perspective, what I imagine a user could do is mark themselves as on vacation via the profile and preferences tab so that if they're a user in multiple accounts vacation would affect all portals they're associated with.  But that would be the spot I'd look to place it!

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We are just getting to grips with hubspot and can confirm this would be really useful. I think not only for vacation but also - if someone is in a two hour meeting with a customer then I don't really want them being allocated new leads. I can therefore see two ways of this working 1) you already read availability from calendars for meetings function (which nicely reads the availability status from outlook so not all appointments have to count) respecting calendar availability would be the prefect solution to me as we will be putting "on holiday" or "catching up on admin" etc blockers into our calendars anyway for the meetings tool. 2) you could alternatively m put a toggle that the user can put on/off similar to what you have in the conversations inbox but you also the need a management view of that with a manager override and audit logs so that people ducking out can be spotted. The beauty of doing this via the calendar integration is that the manager can see / edit all of that through outlook already- less work for hubspot 

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@jtremblay To answer your question, I use Teams as the primary method of rotating leads so I need to remove the user from the team whenever they are out sick or on vacation. This method messes up reports where the Team is used and also creates manual work for managers. I can see how a big team can create a lot of work. My thought here echos others where the user can mark themselves away in their profile just like Conversations or just like an email away message. That way the rotation within a workflow knows to skip them. 

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Hey Jesse, 



We would usually change our team at the end of every shift so that the current team members are active when leads come in. The manager is responsible for updating the teams, but often people can be missed, and deals get assigned to agents who have finished for the day or an agent who has just logged on its recieving any new leads. 

We try and reply with minutes to new leads, and the ability to  add a weekly schedule or easily change who's on the rotation would be fantastic. 

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Yes to this - it would be great to have better features to manage rotation. 


I) Make it easier to remove specific people from rotations

II) Make it easier to adjust rotations fractionally - so we can give our best agents more leads


How I am handling with a workaround right now:

- Set up two teams - e.g. "Sales USA" and "Sales USA - Off Rotation" (which is a child team of sales USA). 

- Workflows rotate leads to "Sales USA"

- All our reports, dashboards and other non-rotation workflows run for both Sales USA and the "Off Rotation" child team

- If an agent is off, we just move them to the "Off Rotation" team as their 'primary team'.  



I'd add - it would be great to have a central control for % distribution of leads within a team. So e.g. we can have a bunch of workflows rotating leads between "Sales UK" - but on the controls for sales UK, I can access "rotation settings" and say that Agent A gets 50%, agent B 30%, agent C 20%, and this is effective for every workflow rotating amongst "Sales UK". 

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I am trying to sync it with our BambooHR software via Zapier right now as a workaround.

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@jtremblay Hi Jesse, thank you for your feedback on this idea. 

We are as well working with 15 different workflows for automatic assignment and it takes a long time to add and remove the sales, each workflow having four different branches. 


Ideally, we would like to have it synced with Google Calendar where the sales could block her/his time off. I totally agree with @TheoB regarding the %age in the workflows. It could allow us to assign more deals to someone coming back from holidays. 


Thank you!


Same case! That would be very helpful to put a status "on vacation"

As it's been reviewed for 3 months, when could we expect this new feature?


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This would be a really helpful feature, especially for big teams that are using the lead rotation action in various workflows. 

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I also have to manually take them out of the team and then put them back in when they are off. It would be great if I can enter when that person is on vacation so they do not get any new leads in the rotation. 

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Hi, any updates from HubSpot re a solution to mark sales users as "away" when temporarily unavailable to accept leads? This looks like a big need for most sales teams.