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Auto Rotate, ability to mark user as on vacation or sick to remove/skip them in workflow

We have a pretty big sales team and we require them to respond to leads quickly to them being received. If a lead sits without a response for more than 15 minutes we are not doing our work the way we would like. We use a handful of workflows to distribute leads evenly through an auto-rotation.


Right now if someone goes on vacation I have to edit each workflow to remove them that day and then put them back in when they return. 


The issue is that this then disrupts the workflow and it assigns back to back leads to the same person or generally doesn't work correctly. If I had some other way to mark a particular user someone as not taking leads that day so that it would skip them or mean I didn't have to edit each workflow automatically this would greatly help both my time spent and the issues my removing them and putting them back in creates. 

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Can't agree with this more @nina. The ability to place someone as 'away' would save us from editing many workflows. All in the name of Automation!



 I agree!  Time kills all deals if not responded to quickly.  I have the same problem with our sales team and rotational leads.  Can this also be tied to the calendar with google?  


We have been trying to solve this for months now and cannot find an appropriate work around.  Our answers from support are essentially hire more staff to manually distribute leads.  Not a great solution for an automated workflow inquiry...


If we are preaching the Inbound Method and  reaching out to incoming leads within the first 15 minutes to optimize conversion, we need to have the automation tools to make sure that they are distributed to the salespeople who are actually here to contact them. 


There must be a way to mark them away.  (Hopefully your team enjoys word play).  Thanks for looking into this.


This becomes an even bigger pain when an (or multiple) employee call in sick - it is very disruptive to the rotation process and timing of lead distribution. Please help! 


We need this! Also that we can choose the% rotation of the leads



This is a great suggestion and one that a member of our Teddington sales team brought to my attention today. When senior management are looking to check statistics, currently there is no way of identifying when someone is on annual leave or under performing. Please can you look to build this into the CRM, to ensure a fair reflection.


This is a great idea.


This would be very useful to avoid being assigned something when you're away with possibly no access which could mean a missed meeting/call.


Yes please. Our sales team travel often and they cant take new leads when out of the office. I havetn yet gone live with Hubspot and am very worried about reports above that say when you edit a workflow it can cause problems. 


Agreed, this feature is a must have to achieve full automation.


What I have right now is if the contact isn't followed up within 10 minutes I just send the contact through the workflow again, you can imagine the problems this can cause but I haven't been able to find a better option.


What we need is in the rotator itself, what days a person is avaiable to to be rotated to (days of the week,) and if they are active. If they call in sick or take vacation, mark them as not active and it should just skip them.


Maybe I'll write something using their API to do this.


I agree, this would be very useful!


 Agree! I need to update the workflow a few times a week as team members don't all work the same hours / days. It's painful (-( 



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Agree!  This is a highly requested feature for my clients.


I want to put my vote in for this. Currently, we have to rotate leads between individuals rather than the team and remove / add people to the list every morning. 


We NEED this! Our sales team is growing and this is already becoming a big pain. We want to make sure our valuable inbound leads aren't sitting in someone's inbox when they're out on vacation. It would be great if there was some way they could mark themselves as unavailable within a HubSpot "calendar" or if it worked like the chat/conversations feature where they can choose when to be online or offline.


It is abig pain to change workflows each time a person is away for one or two days.

There is a big risk og mistakes and friction.


Please look into this 🙂 


Any news on this possible feature comming up?
I have 40+ people in rotation it is a major pain changing group, workflow and licenses each time.
Sometimes we don't know which one is off. There is no "pretty" workaround this.

Please review this again HubSpot team Smiley HappyRobot Sad

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Hey Community!


Thanks for the replies and upvotes here. We are currently looking into this idea, and I will update the status with details when we have any new information.


One question I have for the group is: how do you all manage vacation now, and what would be the optimal way you would do this in HubSpot?