Auto-Import All Historical Email (Including Emails written BEFORE using Hubspot)

Many people want to start using Hubspot with their entire company's email history associated with the correct Hubspot Contact/Company, and visible to all Hubspot Users.


For many companies, historical email history is the *single* most important record of the interaction you and your colleagues have had with your customers and prospects.


This is a vital and common feature to other CRM's, like Close, Pipedrive, Zoho, SalesforceIQ, FreshSales...the list goes on.


The current solution that Hubspot offers is NOT effective. We need the import of emails to be A) automatic, and B) historical (including before we started using Hubspot). Logging, bcc, shared inboxes, etc., do not cut the mustard.


There are third-party companies that offer this, such as Threads, & MigrateMyCRM, but we all want a native Hubspot solution. The fact that multiple companies have built this should be a blinking neon sign highlighting just how much this is needed.


You can see people requesting this at:


So please, pretty please, with sugar on top. Build the *** Email Integration





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Filing an old email into a selected company or contact in Hubspot is a MUST have feature !!

Exist in any other CRM systems.!

Please consider adding this feature.


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I just signed up with Hubspot to realize that that there is no easy way to import old emails. I can see a thread with this request is going on for many years. Would be great if  company management paid attention to this request.

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Muy necesario!! No es posible enviar cada correo historial a Hubspot, la plataforma debe poder coger el historial de correos de cada lead despues de la integracion del correo. Pipedrive lo hace.

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@hubspot when do you plan to integrate this feature?

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I have over 81000 email interactions between 450 clients. I am using Copper/Prosperworks & it automatically imports history from your gsuite account for all new contacts created. My team will have absolutely no clue about the past interactions with our clients as they will not be able to see the email history. We are trying to switch the CRM between our low/off sales season and realize that we will be sitting ducks for our competitors when high season starts if my team cannot see client email history & therefore will not be able align their sales strategy according to previous closings.


This is a deal-breaker as HS had started growing on my team. This makes me think that HS is not geared for existing/established businesses - rather for new businessses or ones that didn't previously use any CRM.


Is HS planning to offer this feature in the near future? A lot of people on this thread would like to know HS position on this so as to make an informed decision about using HS as a CRM.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: Idea Submitted

Hi @sgrun,


I am the Product Manager for Marketing Email. Thank you for the submission and for all the upvotes. We are looking into this request and i will update the forum when I have more feedback for you. 




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Yes, I really need this. 


I get a new enquiry from an unsolicited contact, I add them to Hubspot, Great. That works but now I want to log the email that they sent me. A single click in Gmail / Outlook should be all that it takes.