Auto Cc e-mail replies to your support mailbox

Hello team,

before Hubspot we used Zoho Desk and we had this option Auto Cc e-mail replies to your support mailbox Automatically send a carbon copy (Cc) of all email messages that you send, to your support mailbox. This way all our replies from Zoho Desk are CCd automatically to the responsible team. For example mails sent from Support are auto CCd to support, mails from Sales are auto CCd to sales team.


We are using G Suite of Google for our e-mails and we have some shared (forwarders) mails like sales/support/billing. Each time someone sends an email to one of this all the members of the group receives a copy at the google mail account and hubspot to in order to appear this mail to converation inbox.

The problem is when we reply to the customer using hubspot. When we do that we need to Auto CC or BCC the responsible team like sales/support/billing in order to keep a copy of the sent mail to google inbox.


Is this any way to do this on Hubspot?