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Auto CC on e-mail templates

We send a lot of intro emails. Would be great to be able to have emails automatically CC someone from the template button. We often forget to manually add that person...

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100% agree! It would be great to not only CC, but also have certain recipients added to the To fields and BCC fields as well. Great use case would be a change order email template that needs to always go to


This is being asked for in numerous threads - if all these requests we added up, they would be near the top of the feature list.


Please add this!

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Yes this is a great idea. We are using them for internal use at the moment and we need to have out accounting department CCd for a few things.


This would be incredibly useful with our current process. Our Project Developers get the hubspot generated emails that a deal has been assigned to them but it would be nice that when our follow up email goes out to the client about one of our PD's following up with them and asking if there is a time of day that would work better for them, that the PD would automatically get that response if they Reply All. Also, that email starts our 24 hour follow up clock and would be nice for the PD to get that so there is no confusion if our person that does lead intake forgets to assign a deal or doesn't save that. Just another failsafe. Seems simple to implement but who knows. 


I too also 1,000% agree with this. Perhaps we could add a HubSpot User property to the CC field in the template. We use several HubSpot user properties in our deals such as Deal Owner, Admissions Manager, FA&E Manager. I would love to automatically CC the deal's Admissions Manager to outgoing emails but I currently can't.