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Auto Associate Contact with Parent Company OR Child Company

The problem:


We have multiple instances of Parent and Child companies that have the same Domain URL. This means when a new Contact comes in through a Form, it will not automatically make it to the correct Company. This is a Data Clenliness issue.


The Idea:

Hubspot recognizes when multiple Companies have the same Domain.


Hubspot allows you to choose a default(s) where all incoming leads go in the instance of multiple Companies with identical Domains.


Hubspot brings to attention when a new Contact comes in (that has not been manually entered) and defaults to associate the Contact with all relevant Companies with identical Domains. There would then be an area you go to in Hubspot similar to the Duplicates area - showing the Contact's info, feed, and how they were created - where you then choose which Company/Companies to associate the new Contact with.

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Hi @usmiclow , 


You make a great suggestion!! 


We get asked for recommendations on how to handle parent and child relationships with the same domain quite regularly, so we created the video below to show how we do it within our HubSpot account. We use a workflow to help with assigning contacts correctly (which is in the video) and we also use this to setup a filter in HubSpot to see any unassigned contacts with specific domains. 



I hope this might help you in the meantime.  


All the best ,  


Dan Currin 







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