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We need to be able to auto assign Deal Ownership to the Hubspot Contact Owner.  As a user of a Hubspot synced to Shopify, we have large numbers of Orders/Deals being generated in Hubspot and it is not practical to assign each Deal to a Hubspot Contact Owner by hand.


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We have a similar issue where we create a contact and deal via API from Zapier.  We can create both automatically and connect the two, but Hubspot can only assign an owner to the contact, leaving us to manually sync the deal owner to match the contact owner. 


I understand that a deal can be created via workflow which would assign the same owner as the contact, but there are fewer data points that I can automatically fill making it better for us to create the deal via a Zap rather than by workflow, even with the need to manually sync owners.


Love this idea- it would be great if the deal defaulted to the same owner as the contact.




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We have a similar, broader request: Sync contact owner and deal owner.


Use case: If a demo is requested it creates a contact and a deal for that contact. By default the owner assigned is an administrator who assigned the deal to a rep to follow up with. Reassigning the deal does not change the owner of the contact, so that rep may have limited ability to view and edit the contact. 


Similarly, the admin my reassign contacts to a rep, but they wont have access to the deals associated with those contacts unless owner is assigned in both places.


We would like the owner to sync between deals and contacts. I understand the challenge when there may be multiple contacts associated with a deal and those contacts may be assigned to different HS users. Maybe the programming logic is simply when an owner is updated on a contact, update the deals associated with that contact. When the owner of a deal is updated, the owner of the associated contacts are also updated.






Please make this available ... this would improve workflow dramatically!


For those here who don't know how to manually assign deal owners to shopify deals: one can do it in the list view, rather than in the individual deal. This finding already helps us somewhat.


 It would help if hubspot automatically synced the sales person of an order in Shopify to "Deals" in Hubspot so the sales people could see sales reports on hubspot. This will push them to use more tools in Hubspot to sell more. 


The contact record should be the master of all lists, deals, and any other connected property. Setting up a CRM that manages solely from the customer record seems like the most logical solution for a platform that manages customers/clients.


Should at the very least be able to create a workflow to achieve this but it seems you cant copy the contact owner property over to the deal owner property...


Does anybody know Hubspot supports this feature so far? I don't see any update from the setting.

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Hey everyone,


I recently came across this and found a potential workaround.


Once the contact owner is assigned to the contact we can create a workflow that will enroll the contact everytime a new deal is created and then copy the contact owner into the deal owner.


In the example below you will see the enrollment triggers, re-enrollment triggers (make sure these are active) and the actions in the workflow.


Here you can see the enrolment triggers, re-enrolment triggers and the actionsHere you can see the enrolment triggers, re-enrolment triggers and the actions


Everytime a new associated deal becomes known, the contact will be enrolled in the Workflow.


The workflow will then copy the contact owner to ALL of the associated deals. This will not affect the workflow. If a deal owner is already the same as the contact owner you will see a "Partial Error" in the workflow history as below.


Workflow history 1.png

This just means that 2 out of the 3 deals associated with the contact had the same deal owner and contact owner and the new deal was successfully actioned and the contact owner was copied to the new deal owner.


I tested it a few times and worked well for me!


Hope that solves this for everyone!