Authors & Blog Category in Sitemap

The ability to add blog categories and author pages in the sitemap.

That is all.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Would be convenient if Blog listing page can be added to Sitemap.

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I think that it is good to know that "When there is a blog in the content of this company" when searching by company name.

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It would be great, at least, to be able to add/remove the blog main URL from the sitemap. Right now, once a blog is created, it is automatically added to the sitemap without the option to remove it until it is ready. Even a test blog.


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This is really important for our SEO.

We use blog category pages for our various types of examples, e.g. /examples/tag/brochures or /examples/tag/catalogs

These pages need to be indexed.

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Yes please, great for SEO and also great if we use multiple sitemap and sitemap index for them. And to use Robot.txt if the pages aren't in the sitemap.