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Not sure if I'm posting this question in the right section ...


I'm looking for an audit report to see the companies that were deleted in the last two weeks. We have had a few companies come up missing and I wanted to see if I could see a history of any deleted accounts. Would also love to recover these too!!


Appreciate any direction you may have ... Thanks!

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There needs to be a way to recover things that are accidentially deleted. Aparently Hubspot can recover limited amounts of information, but why can't we (as the users) control this ourselves? 

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I also need this feature. We also had a few companies go missing and everyone looks to me like it is my fault - yet it probably the mistake of the salesperson who is in the tool. I need a report that shows who deleted what. If we dont know it is missing (and how it went missing) we cant restore it and we cant fix the problem. 



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Agreed. Being able to report on the trail of deleted and merged companies is a definite need.

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This would be great for deleted contacts too. 

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