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Audio device input/output settings for Calling

When making calls, I prefer to use my headset (sound/mic).  When listening to music I want my speakers, and when recording video or other "none" phone call related, I prefer to use my professional microphone.  


Right now I have to change my chrome or system settings every time I want to use my computer as a computer or if I want to use my computer as a phone to make Hubspot calls.


It would be nice if Hubspot Calling had its own settings for sound input/output (I've seen many web-based services offer the configuration option to pick and override the system or chrome).

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June 18, 2020 04:59 AM

You can now define your Mic and speaker settings when using our browser based calling solution!

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HubSpot Product Team

You can now define your Mic and speaker settings when using our browser based calling solution!


Is there a way I can choose my bluetooth headset as the default microphone and speakers on outgoing calls from the browers?

Right now I have to switch on every call before the person picks up the phone.



Hi @mfreiert that's good news! Thanks 

I was wondering what manages the default settings? Is there a way for me to set a different microphone as default for instance?



It would be great if we could set a default. On each call I have to change it back to use headset instead of speakers, but I don't wear the headset all day and need to hear the audio on the speakers the rest of the time. It's fairly easy to change each time, but it's one more thing. Other web conferencing/calling apps let you select a default.


I also found it strenuous and repetitive to do the actions described above. It would be very handy to tell the calling tool/system which microphone and speaker you want to be used by default. This is a function and a setting that is accessible in most other calling applications. It will reduce the number of clicks, and it will prevent the awkwardness of the first 10 seconds when your customers don't hear you well (as your mic by default is integrated with your computer or just of poor quality) and you have to repeat your introduction. 


Same here. It is a nightmare really as I have about 8 different audio devices. Regardless of what my windows defaults are I still have to reset it every call. Hard to stay professional when I am relying on the outbound call to dial long enough to allow me to set my audio device. Please help - otherwise this calling tool could be more trouble than it is worth. 


I have the same issue, and I can't figure it out


I have the same issue. Sets to the wrong default mic every time. I have to manually reset this EVERY DAY.



Same here ... does anyone know how I may define my default speaker and mic to my headset ? 


same problem here. please support!


Same here. In my case it doesn't even see my audio devices, it simply says unkown.

While communication works, the sound is incoherent due to noise. Meanwhile, every other meeting/calling app (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, etc..) that I use in the same browser sees my audio options and allows me to select from them.


Really need a solution to this ASAP.