Audio device input/output settings for Calling

When making calls, I prefer to use my headset (sound/mic).  When listening to music I want my speakers, and when recording video or other "none" phone call related, I prefer to use my professional microphone.  


Right now I have to change my chrome or system settings every time I want to use my computer as a computer or if I want to use my computer as a phone to make Hubspot calls.


It would be nice if Hubspot Calling had its own settings for sound input/output (I've seen many web-based services offer the configuration option to pick and override the system or chrome).

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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You can now define your Mic and speaker settings when using our browser based calling solution!

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Is there a way I can choose my bluetooth headset as the default microphone and speakers on outgoing calls from the browers?

Right now I have to switch on every call before the person picks up the phone.


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Hi @mfreiert that's good news! Thanks 

I was wondering what manages the default settings? Is there a way for me to set a different microphone as default for instance?