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Attribution reporting: paths

I believe I can only see first and last conversion and I can see in attribution reporting eg which channels are used. But I’d like to also see attribution reporting for paths taken. Eg which path (ad, visit blogpage, landing page, contact page or vice versa). That way we are able to create better content per stage for marketing campaigns. I can also imagine that paths differ for buyer personas or industry.


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I thought adding some pictures of how Google does this, my help to express my vision.


Screenshot 2020-10-08 085308.png 

google analytics screenshot.PNG

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The things Google can do with paths is truly unparalleled. I would love to see HubSpot develop a similar paths reporting tool.


I'm trying to figure this out, too. My team wants multi-touch deal attribution, not multi-touch revenue attribution.


We want to quantify the touchpoints -- types, timing, titles -- from first-touch to deal closed/won.


It looks like the only way to even get close to doing this today will be exporting HubSpot data to Excel using this app and potentially their Excel Connector.


The new beta custom reporting is interesting. But it's limited to 30-day windows, making it useless for full sales cycle path attribution.


I also agree with this! It would be helpful to see the exact path, everything they intereacted with before converting.