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Attribution Reporting for Custom Properties

Currently, the HubSpot attribution reporting tool doesn't allow for any custom properties as attribution dimensions. You can only use a selection of Hubspot created properties and UTM parameters.


We would like to be able to create our own custom properties that are updated with workflows and automation to track and attribute things like lead sources for our BD team. There are many use cases where you may want to attribute revenue or interactions based on values that don't fall within the given parameters for HubSpot reporting.


I would recommend that Hubspot make custom properties available as attribution dimensions to report on within the reporting tool. This seems like a relatively simple feature that would provide a lot of value for sales and marketing teams.

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Really surprised that this capability does not already exist.

Please prioritize it.


Thank you.


Yes, I would have thought this was fundamental.



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This is very needed for our ABM campaigns to break deals down by verticle rather than have 10 different pipelines


Great idea. I would say not only as attribution dimensions but also as attribution goals. 


I would like to run attribution reports on what attributed to custom property X changing (which automatically gets updated via the API). 



Yes, please let me give a more helpful answer than "You need Salesforce for that" when I get asked about custom attribution in Hubspot!