Attribute Call Activities to Marketing/Sales Campaigns


Enable the ability for customer-facing reps to select specific marketing and/or sales campaigns when logging a call in the HubSpot CRM. This will help with activity attribution to specific campaigns, which will contribute to campaign effectiveness measurement and revenue attribution.


Ideally, this would be a dropdown in the activity logging box/screen that comes up either on the web or mobile app.

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This would be very helpful for us, as our reps often get phone calls in response to our email campains.  There does not seem to be a way to attribute the inbound call to a campaign.


+1 for this


All activities associated to a campaign would be best


This would be extremely helpful to us too! Do we know if there has been any movement on making this an option?


Direct calls and emails resulting from a campaign are very important indicators of campaign success. Not being able to associate these with a campaign is a huge flaw in the HubSpot reporting platform. It is frustrating that we are not able to view direct calls and emails resulting from a campaign in the campaign performance report.