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I think we need to add a feature to stop automatic adding the attachments from the received emails so any user should be able to enable or disable this option.

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Maybe only exclude signature-attachments? That would already help. Many other attachments are valuable (but not al, definitely not all.....)

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Agreed. So many of our clients have images as part of their email signatures, resulting in the contact and company records getting cluttered with unnecessary documents. I like the concept of enabling/disabling for all as well, since we at times send or receive blank and test documents that do not need to be stored.

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This automatic function also results that a lot of png footers from emails are directly logged in hubspot.

Very annoying...

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It should only upload email attachments.  The fact that it uploads footers it incredibly annoying and really creates alot of attachments that make the attachment section an absolute mess.  I contacted HubSpot and they were no help.  Only told me I could delete the extra attachements.  No kidding, really?  What they clearly don't understand is that it's constant! 

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HubSpot Employee

I agree -- this is important!