Attachments / file uploads need to be more user friendly

There seems to be a unnecessary disconnect between the fields 'Attachments' and 'file upload'. Attachments are for email enquiries and file uploads are for support forms. Handling these fields in the ticket environment is not user friendly. 


Most of our tickets are created via a shared email account (enquiries@ support@ etc which is connected to the conversations feature) and the majority of those emails contain an attachment. Such as a tender document / a design brief / an invoice etc.
If conversations are meant to be converted to a ticket, why cant we access the file attachment in the notes / email / tasks feature when updating or forwarding a ticket. There are options to add a link, a snippet and a file. Yet none of those features are aware of the files associated with a conversation ticket. 
For example - if i want to email back the client and cc another agent who will then deal with the ticket, it would be wise to include the documents submitted by the client. Its possible but its not user friendly at all, and has led to mistakes and oversights.
Really it should default to include those relevant files. Even when you try to add a file manually it shows images and files associated with landing pages and email campaigns. Smiley Sad


Just recently snippets have included the file upload token. But that field seems to be a free type field within Hubspot. Smiley Frustrated


So a few ideas….

  • File attachments / file uploads should be siloed into tickets and the user interface should reflect that.
  • They should automatically be included on any ticket correspondence (internally and externally).
  • ..and shouldn't they be the same field? if thats impossible, attachments should be mapped to the file upload field if empty.

Anyone having similar issues?

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Yes!  Any response to this? We are having the same issue. The only workaround we have is to resave it to the desktop and add it to the ticket.

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Hi aiharris,


No we are hoping the idea gains traction.

Soon i imagine, the hubspot dev team will notice a lots of duplicate files on the system - and then figure this out.

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We are having the same issue - really need the ability to have these file uploads show on deals when a form is filled out.


Right now we are copying the deal property to a single line value called File Upload in the deal - it then adds a URL for the file to that field. The issue is when we have multiple files, there is no easy way to view this.

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The two fields need to be merged please !!!


At least add in an 'Attachments' token to snippets. There is a 'file upload' one.