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Attachment Upload for the iOS App

It would be great to be able to upload attachments to a contact record through the iOS App.


This feature has been Delivered for the Android app:

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May 16, 2022 03:14 AM

The latest version of the HubSpot iOS app now supports uploading pictures from your device to notes and logged calls, emails & meetings. This is available for all HubSpot users. You can't add attachments to outgoing emails or tasks at this time.


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I am very pleased to see the attention to this feature because adding attachments to outgoing emails through the app is a big necessity for my outside sales team. It is extremely helpful when needing to send documents while they are "on the road".


Glad to hear that it is now functional through the andriod app and am excited to see it completed for the iOS version. 


Thank you HubSpot team. Good job!




Update: 5/20/2020


Correction, this is not the feature requested. It's a step in the right direction, but we need the ability to add attachments to outgoing emails through the app


Thank you, 


looking forward to having this live will really help our account managers


Really need the ability to attach photos to tasks and notes in deals and contacts on the iOS app. Please add this feature.

HubSpot Employee

this would be a great addition!


Hi Joe as this feature been fixed, I tried posting an image in the notes section to upload the contract but unsuccessful. Is it possible to upload images/ Contracts from my iPhone app as an attachment ??


This would be SO HELPFUL for sales people who use hubspot on their phones while working out in their accounts (like in the car) and can't access their computers. 


This is a very important feature. Also we need a way to insert attachments to emails sent in the iOS app.


PLEASE standardize the ability to upload images and other files across mobile devices. With Android users we have the seamless (and safe) environment to take mobile items and add to HS records. iOS users have to utilize multiple steps, including using outside apps to accomplish the same thing. 


This would be a massive help to my sales team. Hope it's released soon.


Very much needed!
Support tells me it works on Android - so find it strange its not avaliable on iOS.

I workaround is to login to hubspot protal on the mobile web (for example Safari). But its not really a user friendly experince to use hubspot portal on mobile web.



Sweet Jesus, PLEASE!!!!  I think the limited number of upvotes here is because people voted for this MANY times under the original request.  Glad to hear this is in development. 


It is super surprising to me that this functionality does not exist yet.  This is about as fundamental as it gets in the modern world of smartphones.  Could we get an update/eta on this functionality?


I have had over 10 clients request this feature now for android and iphone.  Surely this is a no brainer HS.

Awaiting in anticipation.



When one of my sales team told me they could not add attachments to outgoing emails from the app I laughed and told her she was mad. I was super embarrassed to admit she was right and the worlds greatest CRM doesn't have an attach feature to it's email component. 


This would be great... In other CRM-Systems this is a standard function.


Yes this would be amazing as sales rep are on the go and need to upload images on contacts and company records without the hassle of uploading to another app and linking, or finding a desktop computer when they come home.. Also iOS users should be able to do this not only Android! Thanks


It would also be great to allow a file/image attachment from the Chat feature on the mobile app.


YES!!! Need this function ASAP! Definitely need the ability to upload photos or documents to a contact, task, note, or deal. It's very inefficient to expect users to only upload images from their desktop computers - make it easy for a user to have instant access from their iPhone. Please incorporate this feature soon!!!


Please create this functionality. Especially for those of us the functionality for our service portion of our business. Our install team uses iPhones and iPads and we're unable to have a streamlined process for our customers and internals teams because we don't have an easy and functional way of adding images or documents in the field using mobile devices. 


Looking forward to see this in iOs.