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Attachment Upload for the iOS App

It would be great to be able to upload attachments to a contact record through the iOS App.


This feature has been Delivered for the Android app:

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I'd like mobile app sales associates to be able to upload pictures as part of their sales process. This could be done in the form of attachements to a note, logged in relation to a meeting, or updated in the file upload type of properties. 


What is going on with this? It's a bit wild that our reps can't upload images while on the ground working with leads. Getting them in front of a computer to upload documentation we need in the system is not realistic.....

And this request goes back YEARS and is just such a simple thing.

Yes this would be very helpful for anybody who uses this application in their territory.  Hope this will happen soon.



Yes, please make this happen asap.


I find it quite amazing that when I queried the availabiltiy of image upload capability to a Contact Record in Hubspot, via the iOS app, the response I received was as follows:


Our Product Team regularly looks at ideas with significant upvotes to consider for future product updates. If you'd like to, you may upvote this suggestion and reply to the thread with any additional feedback that you might have, for our Product Team's consideration 🙂


This is despite the fact that my work colleagues who have android devices have had this functionality for some time if not since inception of Hubspot.


Why does what would appear t obe a standard function across platforms need to generate upvotes on numerous occasions going back 2 years before it is acted on by the Product team??

Excellent questions! Had no idea this was available for Android users already. Makes it all more confusing as to why this key function isn’t an option for IOS users (the predominant mobile operating system).

Yes, attaching files such as photos is a needed feature on an iPad. 


Agreed, we are also urgently looking for this feature for iOS for us and our customers. Please see below the answer from HubSpot team regarding release timeline and workaround. Hope this helps!


I can confirm that this can only be done on Android, as stated in this Knowledge Base article.

It is currently not a supported feature to add attachments on iOS. To provide some extra context, since iOS and Android are two different operating systems, there may be various limitations when creating and updating applications for each, so the same feature may not be as fast to implement as the other.


That being said, the product team is aware that this is a pain point for customers who work on iOS and are intensively working on enabling image attachments on records via Notes.


While there is no fixed timeline for this, the product team is looking to release this feature this year so that's something we can look forward to 🙂 In the meantime, the workaround is a little manual - users could upload the images via Dropbox/Google Drive and paste that sharing link on the record instead.


HubSpot Product Team

The latest version of the HubSpot iOS app now supports uploading pictures from your device to notes and logged calls, emails & meetings. This is available for all HubSpot users. You can't add attachments to outgoing emails or tasks at this time.


ios attachments gif.gif


So basically the main function we need to send clients and leads attachments has not been added?


WHY???? My team can't use Husbpot properly because of this. All emails being sent to clients need to be sent via gmail on the phone and therefore are not logged. It's a cluserF*&k




This post says it was delivered "attachment upload for iOS app" however I am still not seeing this. Is there an ETA on when this feature will be available. 

It would make the app more user friendly for my team to be able to upload documents to a deal, contact, etc. from the mobile app, especially on iOS as we are currently not able to do this. 


@AndreaGU you should be able to leverage the feature by adding a note. Attachments from the mobile app doesn't appear as "Attachments" on the desktop (along the right-hand Associations menu). Navigate to the record you want to add a photo to from the mobile app, select "Add Note". From here, you can see a camera icon.

If you don't see the icon, you may need to update your app depending on the version you're using.