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My sales reps REALLY REALLY NEED this feature. They are on the road all day working from their iPads and iPhones, not the luxury of our office desktops. Having to log in to their PC's remotely takes them a lot of time and frustrates them. It's important for Hubspot to remember that a great number of reps are always on the road or traveling, not in a cushy office with access to a desktop.

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Apr 23, 2020

Hi folks!


Thank you all for taking the time to submit, upvote, and reply to this Idea. Your feedback was useful as we built this feature.


I'm happy to report that attachments can now be uploaded through the Android app. This feature requires version 2.47.0 or above on Android.


All developments about uploading attachments through the iOS app will be communicated on this thread:


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Apr 12, 2017

From time-to-time we've had users request the ability to add attachments to contacts using our Mobile Apps. Is this a feature you'd like? How would you use it? How often would you use it? Let us know and get voting!

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Can we please get this feature implemented, or at least an update on when we can expect to see it happen? It's phenomenally bonkers that such basic functionality is missing from your mobile client. 

You can't even get around it using a different client because (with G-suite at least), Hubspot doesn't push contact data over; the only way to make it work is look up the contact in Hubspot, copy the email address, open up G-mail, paste the address (and also the Hubspot tracking address), and finally add the attachment. 

I honestly expect more from a CRM that's positioning itself as a market leader. 

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I don't get why people are still complaining on this thread that the ability to log attachment on contact record from the android mobile app is still missing...


It is delivered and it works.






@louischausse Adding attachments to emails composed in the app does not, however. 



@louischausse I think the original post by @Nat  is referring to iPhone and iPads and I am assuming this is also what @timothy-h is referring to. 

There is still no option for those working in the files on iPhones and iPads to be able add attachments to a contact or an email to a contact. 

I have come up with a work around by creating a form in HubSpot, embedding into my website on a private page only my users have the link to and they have saved that link to their iPhone/iPad home screen. This works, although it is susceptible to errors if not done accurately. So it's not the perfect solution.

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Feedback, complaints and upvotes for the iOS feature can be done here:

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@timothy-h to send emails with attachment from mobile the best way is to send emails with your mobile mail app and add your BCC HubSpot address


Honestly is quite unbelievable to confirm that such basic feature is not available yet. Really disappointed