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My sales reps REALLY REALLY NEED this feature. They are on the road all day working from their iPads and iPhones, not the luxury of our office desktops. Having to log in to their PC's remotely takes them a lot of time and frustrates them. It's important for Hubspot to remember that a great number of reps are always on the road or traveling, not in a cushy office with access to a desktop.

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Apr 23, 2020

Hi folks!


Thank you all for taking the time to submit, upvote, and reply to this Idea. Your feedback was useful as we built this feature.


I'm happy to report that attachments can now be uploaded through the Android app. This feature requires version 2.47.0 or above on Android.


All developments about uploading attachments through the iOS app will be communicated on this thread:


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Apr 12, 2017

From time-to-time we've had users request the ability to add attachments to contacts using our Mobile Apps. Is this a feature you'd like? How would you use it? How often would you use it? Let us know and get voting!

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I email invoices to customers onsite.  We build orders in their store, I create a PDF and email it to them.  Why cant I attach this PDF ot the email app for hubspot?  This seems like a basic 101 feature. 

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Hi! This is needed -- especially viewing already submitted files and attachments. 




It is business critical  that our teams are able to upoad pics taken on site and upload to Deals, tasks and notes on the HubSpot mobile app.  We have implemented HUbSpot CRM and SalesPro to drive effciencies in our business and this particular functionality is essential.


Needed badly!


I take handwritten paper notes and want to attach an image of those notes to the contact record in hubspot mobile.

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Posting on behalf of a customer, he is looking for the same feature. 


I would love to get an update from the Hubspot team, as I'm sure many of us would, on when or if this is an expected feature. It would determine how 'invested' we will be in the product, as it (being able to attach files from the mobile app) is a 'must have' for our business. Thanks!


The photo upload feature from mobile will really help to our business too. We are waiting this feature.


Being able to take a photo with in the hubspot app and then upload it to a contact profile would be a game-changer for our teams even just the ability to attach a file would help at this stage

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Posting on customer's behalf:


They are a solar project developer, and have to conduct full site assessments in homes. So being able to upload the images from these assessments on-the-go, straight to the CRM via the mobile app, will really help streamline their process and skip the steps of uploading the images elsewhere, before transferring it back into the CRM as attachnments. 



If "take photo" can't be added soon as an option when "attaching" something to a Note in a Client record, can you at least allow the full site to be accessed via a phone? On my iPad, I can log in to if I need to attach a photo so I have that functionality, but when I try to do that on my phone, it doesn't allow me to log in.

Of course, the preference would be to just add the 'take photo' option to the app. It seems like something that would be obvious to have, given the device...?



Piling on here. 


We are a fire protection vendor that have reps in the field with no ability to carry around computers, so they use their phones. 


It would add a ton of value if we could directly upload a photo into a deal so we can organize our sales, engineering and marketing further. 


Thank you for the consideration. 


Any update on this yet ? - seems like a lot of people looking for this - we have sales guys in the field in our business who could get the information from site back to base a lot quicker and more organised if we could do it via the app. Other than this we are very happy with hubspot.


Yes please to this request. I have just been searching to see if its possible and it seems not. 


We are off to an event and want to add contacts (easy with the app and a business card) but also want to upload a photo of the notes taken and thats not going to be possible 😞

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This would be a fantastic update! Much needed for reps on the road. 

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Hard to believe the app would be released with email functionality without the ability to include attachments ?? Please HubSpot get this right soon, Sales people are mobile and cannot afford to wait to to get to a desktop to be able to send a tracked email with an attachment 😞


yes please! we also are on the road and need to attach photos to deals (equipment and vehicles).

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This is mandatory!!


Everybody need this!


Is there any update on this idea?  It would be extremely useful to be able to do this as we don't often have access to the desktop version and do a great deal of on the go from mobile devices.  Not being to upload or view attachments is a big issue


Yes, we have sales people on the road and they need to upload photos and images, and it is not possible which makes harder the work for all the departments overall. Hope you can have this soon!