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Attachment Upload for the Android Mobile App

My sales reps REALLY REALLY NEED this feature. They are on the road all day working from their iPads and iPhones, not the luxury of our office desktops. Having to log in to their PC's remotely takes them a lot of time and frustrates them. It's important for Hubspot to remember that a great number of reps are always on the road or traveling, not in a cushy office with access to a desktop.

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April 12, 2017 04:41 AM

From time-to-time we've had users request the ability to add attachments to contacts using our Mobile Apps. Is this a feature you'd like? How would you use it? How often would you use it? Let us know and get voting!

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I have done some looking around and reading and am still unsure if i am able to upload photos or attachments under a Deal or Contact using the HubSpot mobile app. Is this something that can be done?

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Hi @InnTechDustin,


It is not possible to upload attachments in the HubSpot mobile app. At this time it is only possible to upload attachments to record within the CRM on desktop.


However, I encourage you to post this as a feature request on the Ideas board of this forum.



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From time-to-time we've had users request the ability to add attachments to contacts using our Mobile Apps. Is this a feature you'd like? How would you use it? How often would you use it? Let us know and get voting!


Any chance we can add files to a contact using the mobile app? It would come in so handy especially in recruitlment and application process when on the move and no time to open a laptop. 

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Yes this feature is a must! Our sales reps need to add attachments to their contacts and deals on the go right from their phone. They collect images of job-sites and electricity bills and need to be able to add these files from the phone app on a daily basis. Please let me know when this feature becomes available. Thanks! 


Agreed - the sales guys are out on job sites and need to be able to upload pics and view attachments on the go and not have to wait until they are back in the office or at home to add it via desktop computer. 



I have been told this is in the works, but, no firm ETA at the moment. I believe you also need the ability to add Cc and Bcc to emails generated from the mobile apps.

This is just but one of the many “life on the road” shortcomings in the mobile apps at the moment. Sadly this is somewhat comment in a lot of CRM’s because their own salespeople are never out on the road. But the real-life of a typical salesperson is almost never being in the office and not wanting to have to do this stuff at home in the evening because you can’t do it while you are out and about...


This feature would be nice. So Sales reps can make a picture of hte notes during a meeting and attach them instead of typing everything.


We really need this finctionality please  -would make life so much easier when you are endlessly out on the road. Would make my evenings so much more enjoyable!


This would be an unbelievably helpful tool for the app. Our guys are out and about all day and need to be able to see previous records and communications that we've uploaded. Please add this function, Hubspot ! Thanks !


+1 on this request.   The ability for a Sales Rep to upload an attachment (photo at minimum) is key.  Adoption for us will skyrocket and would help us justify going to the Hubspot paid product!!!


Add attachment to Deals also is important for us that used to work with pipedrive this is somthing that helps us get rid of the use of paper and send quotes, manuals, and much more to our clints. 


coming from a remote employee type of company I have to agree! WE NEED THE ATTACHEMENTS ON THE MOBILE APP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you


This would be great. Our sales reps would use this to attach copies of customers energy bills and also pictures of customers roof. We would use this feature many times daily.


Just had back to back calls with 3 of our brokers complaining that they cannot e-mail messages to clients attaching pictures or brochures.


Ability to upload / “copy to” HubSpot mobile app - any photo or document.


And when sending a tracked email / email template from mobile to be able to attach those photos/documents. *I’m aware we can create emails / email templates to use from the mobile app and attach a link, but as a field rep captures images in the sales process, or receives a document (like an insurance claim), or an owner/manager is to view a doc within a contact/company why can’t we?


We don’t have time to land at a desk and upload AND THEN SEND IT. Truth is many of us are golfing or traveling and can conquer deals from a phone. Please don’t force us to sit at desk any longer - not good for posture, and closing deals is a lot faster if we don’t have to wait until we land.


It’s an easy addition for any IT at Hub. Let go 😉


Yep. Needed.


We are commercial & residential storm restoration company, it would be great for us to have the ability while at a client site (deal) to be able to take a pic or two using our phone and have them uploaded from the hubspot app.... major big win for us.  Please consider this option.


Like the others that already said this, this functionality would be amazing for the solar industry.