Attachment Upload for the Android Mobile App


My sales reps REALLY REALLY NEED this feature. They are on the road all day working from their iPads and iPhones, not the luxury of our office desktops. Having to log in to their PC's remotely takes them a lot of time and frustrates them. It's important for Hubspot to remember that a great number of reps are always on the road or traveling, not in a cushy office with access to a desktop.

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NEED this feature! Would save me and my reps hours every day... Please Hubspot?

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This is so silly. We need to send attachments all the time from mobile devices. How are mobile and desktop not integrated completely. Time is money. Time is money. I'm wasting time and losing money writing this. Listen to your customers 

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I am new to Hubspot. The fact that this function is unavailable is, frankly, unbelievable. Who has the time or inclination to snap, upload then import when it could all be seamless? Not us, certainly. I'll be looking at different CRM platforms unless this gets sorted out very soon.

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Based on the feedback, this is a no brainer.  What is the delay?

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HubSpot team, can't wait for this feature!

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Update the mobile app to include this feature.

It's vital.

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Hey @@HubSpot any news on this? It's so unfortunate not having this feature! If you switch to your mail app (in my case gmail) to attach documents you loose track of your contact activities because it doesn't automatically CCO to HubSpot. As a salesman, you need to have this in mind if you want to work on your phone or iPad on the road.


Today I was at a customer's and I remind him I sent information last week about a deal but couldn't see it on HubSpot contact activity (I trusted my memory, thanks it still works!). Then I realized that because I sent that email right after my previous meeting using the Gmail app in order to attach a file, the message wasn't recorded on the CRM. This is really usual when you are on the road, you finish a meeting, write a memo or send an email, so workload decreases.


I found 2 ways of solving this:


either you turn on your computer and use the CRM there

or you use the mail app (Gmail, Zoho, etc) having special care of CCO your


Does this make sense to anyone?



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Hubspot, do you monitor this topic? I have the app since 2 hours and this was the first thing I needed: Upload images to contact notes. So important!!!

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We often take notes during a client meeting offsite and then take a quick pic of our notes with our phone's camera. We then need to upload it from the app so that it doesn't get forgotten. Right now, all too often, the pic of someone's notes is still on their phone because they have to wait until they get back to their laptop to upload it. The next time we interact with that client, we can't find our notes. It seems like a really simple and obvious need. 

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Why has there not been any update on this?  Seems like it's required by a lot of people.  So frustrating that we can't upload attachments from mobile

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This is a necessary feature.  Please update the phone app with capabiliy to attach files to an email.  It is an

integral part of our business to send files,  and we do alot of work from our phones and iPads.  Thank you.

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I'd assume 99% of businesses would run emails through Hunspot on their phone and need an attachment feature in the app. Hubspot shouldn't need 2000 complaints to do something that is pure baseline common sense. For the money we pay we would expect more than this. 

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Is Hubspot acknowledging this error or is there a place where we can make a formal request to update the app?  I'd like to see this feature updated.

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I have been looking into a question for our outside sales team regarding the mobile app. They work remotely as they are constantly traveling to customer locations. This means they rely on their phones regularly as it is cumbersome and more time consuming to use a laptop while away from the office/ home. This is one of the top reasons we decided HubSpot would work best for our team - seeing as the app provides many wonderful and helpful features/ filters for quick and easy access to customer information, as well as documenting newly discovered data without an overabundance of keystrokes being required. I am wondering if you would consider providing a feature that would allow one to add an attachment to an email through the HubSpot App. It is obviously a feature of the desktop/ laptop browser version, but I have been told that this feature does not extend to the app.


Thank you for your time and consideration,

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@bowlinshoes Any update on this feature yet??? It's been 3 years since this was requested and the app still doesn't have this basic feature. The ability to upload is essential, but in the interim you could at least include the ability to attach documents that you have previously uploaded to your HubSpot account.

Update please!


Status updated to: Delivered
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Hi folks!


Thank you all for taking the time to submit, upvote, and reply to this Idea. Your feedback was useful as we built this feature.


I'm happy to report that attachments can now be uploaded through the Android app. This feature requires version 2.47.0 or above on Android.


All developments about uploading attachments through the iOS app will be communicated on this thread:


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Please don't get too excited folks.


The notification you received saying this feature has been delivered is only partly true.


You still CANNOT send emails with attachments from the HubSpot Android app. You cannot upload attachments to new emails. You still cannot even attach your regular attachments to emails - attachments you previously uploaded to to HubSpot cloud via web browser.


The only thing new in the app is you can upload an attachment to a note or activity. That only helps maybe a third of people requesting this feature.


Still no update for those of us wanting to send emails with attachments  from HubSpot Android app. 


We have been waiting more than 3 years and it looks like all our requests continue to fall on deaf ears.





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This is such a great feature!


Please make it available for Tickets - our technicians would love being able to easily attach photos!



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This is an essential feature for most businesses with sales people on the road.  Please, please add an email attachment from mobile feature soon!