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Attachment Time Stamp



Because my companies products are complex involving many engineering drawings and multiple iterations it would be amazing to know the date an attachment was added to a contact,company,etc. This would let us know in a quick glance at the attachments section which is the most current or how old it actually is. Many times our service team need to review an engineering drawing and it helps to know when it was sent or what the most recnet one is.


Also I would like confirmation if the order of attachments is chronological (ie. the most recent attachment is the one at the top of the list.

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Hello - I was curious if there was a response from HubSpot pertaining to this, as we are experiencing something similar as part of our sales process. It would be great if a time/date stamp could be included when you scroll over the document. (pop-up in addition to the full document name) Often times we have multiple versions of the same document attached, but the time/date stamp would allow us to quikcly locate the latest version and/or previous version as needed.