Attaching Offline contacts to a campaign


We need to be able to attach contacts we upload to a campaign in Hubspot.

Let's face it, not many companies are 100% online, we all go to events and attend conferences where we get contacts, or even do hosted paid and are given lists of contacts (who have downloaded our content, not outbound).

Salesforce allows us to attach contacts to a campaign with a workflow, could be an idea.


It would also be useful to be able to attach contacts to a campaign for "deal source" purposes > when we send an MQL to an SDR, they get in touch, and the person forwards them to someone else in th company, so we can also attach that person to the source campaign!


Because I don't have this posisbility, I have created a set of altnerate custom sources to track my marketing activities ROI and it is not fun.


Please find a way of doing this!




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This is a definite short coming of the campaign tool.  Ultimately, we're trying to link leads to a campaign right?  So why not be able to add manually? 


Also, HS campaigns should sync with SF campaigns imo.  

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My business group had a speaker yesterday that spoke to me and 14 other CEOs in NYC and he was going over marketing inbound strategies. His firm is a registered Hubspot partner and he was talking about how we all should be tracking our inbound AND offline marketing activities in Hubspot (or any other marketing automation software...) and I raised my hand and complained about the fact that Hubspot after 10 years still refuses to accept the fact that anything exists in the marketing world outside of digital inbound techniques, like trade shows, print ads with custom landing page URLs, etc.

He said you can do it and I argued that you can't. (we agreed to disagree...)

Unless i'm missing something we are all still trying to accomplish a simple marketing task: tying marketing spend in offline campaigns to deal conversions. I need to know if my trade shows or print ads are paying off. (YES we also do other digital inbound marketing techniques also...this isn't EITHER/OR marketing strategy.)


My biggest bone to pick with Hubspot is that there seems to be this massive ignorance of the real world and how it operates. We're not all digital software companies marketing only on the web. We have to do offline marketing techniques like direct mailers, trade shows and print. 

Hubspot, i know you find those words dirty and disgusting, but yes people still do mail things with stamps. printers print. we do trade shows. Yes they are petri dishes of disease spread, but they actually work.  I know they do, but i just don't know how much. Should i do more trade shows? less trade shows? I need your software to tell me that campaign effectiveness.

I'm spending marketing budget and i need to know if it working or not.


you've all heard the adage: I know 50% of my advertising is working. 
I just don't know which 50% is actually working!


HUBSPOT: please wake up. The world is not 100% digital.

SOLUTION: let me assign a lead/contact to a campaign manually so you can tell me if that lead came in via a trade show and then converted to a paying customer.

I gave this up foolishly when we ditched Salesforce (good riddance!) and now are regretting it ONLY for this fact.


BTW, Hubspot, if you're listening, I'm the person that told your product managers years ago that i didn't care how many leads i converted to contacts and how many contacts converted to deal...the thing that really matter is how much $$$ are we making! So knowing if our marketing spend is working or effective actually is really important. After a few years you came out with reports and dashboards that now tell me this, but it is just missing 50% of my marketing activities.


Just think we all need to continue hammering this home until the powers that be wake up.

All...please chime in and reiterate if you are unhappy about the current state of affairs.


Hubspot: everyone on this thread would be ideal candidates to put on a beta list to review any kind of works in progress before it launches (if it ever launches).


Yours longingly and lovingly...


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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your post.  You are 100% on target as are all the marketers that have pushed for this improvement over the years. 

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@jeremypyles  Preach! Heart  The speaker was lying. You're right and I agree with every frustrating word you shared.  HubSpot's @pweston3 replied to this thread a few posts back. Supposedly we will see big improvements to campaigns/attributions in 2019. Just have to wait and see if it is enough.

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@jeremypyles Bravo! I'm sure we are all aligned here. Although we are a SaaS company and still we spend half of our budget on trade fairs, so you are absolutely right. 

I don't want to be naive but our Customer Sucess Manager guaranteed me that they are working specifically on this critial problem and they are aiming to launch the solution this year for sure, together with other campaign improvements. I am just hoping this is true and that they also solve other key issues like having parent and child campaigns ( if you also feel that you need this I encourage you to vote here)

Let's be patient and hopefully it will be sorted soon!

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Absolutely, this would be very helpful for monitoring the effectiveness of conferences, webinars and suchlike. I pretty much live in Hubspot but I have barely used the Campaigns tool because of this limitation. I would love to be able to make use of it, it looks great!

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Please can you add this feature - it is so important to showing the success of a campaign in terms of contacts added

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Our Sales team just got back from their first event and we were planning on associating the contacts that attended and visited the booth to a campaign so we can email them post-event, etc. and just discovered that we can't associate contacts directly with a campaign.   


There are many reasons to want to do this - post-event marketing, influenced revenue reporting and ROI, and operational measurement of engagement post-event are just a few.

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I've been now implementing Hubspot for a bit over a year and every month I face the same issue: There is a new event or a offline marketing campaign going on and I don't have a way to track it. 
Even a workaround to this would be most welcome!

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I've been told as a work around to create a list, add that list to a workflow (doesn't need to contain any actions) and then assign the workflow to the campaign. It's not the best method, but it can help a bit!